What to Buy for That Rugged Guy Who Says He Doesn’t Want a Gift

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We’ve all got that one man in our lives for whom it’s just impossible to find the perfect gift. He says he’s not fussy about his coffee, but he always seems to make himself a beautiful pour-over on Sunday mornings. He insists he’s not a fashion guy, but when you look in his closet, you’ll find 10 perfect vintage flannel shirts hanging in a neat row. He’s just that kind of rugged, no-nonsense dude who says function matters more to him than style—but look closely, and you’ll realize quickly that every detail of every item he owns is exactly how he likes it.

What to Buy for That Rugged Guy Who Says He Doesn't Want a Gift

That guy? He’d love a shirt from Dakota Grizzly. They’re a St. Louis-based menswear company that’s making the kind of durable, quietly exquisite clothes that can take you out and back on a 10-mile hike or down to the distillery for a whiskey flight and a good conversation. At a distance, DG’s clothes are all about ombre flannel, masculine plaids, clean-lined cotton chinos and simple snapback caps; look closer, though, and you’ll see the kind of little details (a metal sheen around the rims of the buttons, an ultra-soft touch to the lining) that turn an ordinary shirt into a 20-year staple.

Designed by certified mountain man Donovan Smith—no kidding, he has an actual cabin in the hills of Idaho that he lives in part time—and produced by family-owned St. Louis manufacturers with a 75-year history in menswear, Dakota Grizzly’s clothes are classic in every sense of the word. Find them on their website or at high-end menswear and outdoor outfitters near you.

All images courtesy of Dakota Grizzly.

What to Buy for That Rugged Guy Who Says He Doesn't Want a Gift

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