WellBeing Brewing Company’s New Brew is Powering Athletes Around the Country

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Finding that perfect balance between celebration and hydration has always been a challenge. Beer commercials have suggested that it’s totally normal to crack open a cold one after crushing a triathlon or playing a hard nine. But let’s be honest: If you down a few brews post-workout, once the drying effects of alcohol—and the St. Louis heat—set in, it’s hard to remain vertical.

With the launch of its new WellBeing Victory Wheat, WellBeing Brewing Company has created a nonalcoholic craft beer that not only refreshes athletes, but also replenishes the electrolytes they lose during their battle to total sports domination.

According to WellBeing founder Jeff Stevens, beer is actually an ideal sports drink, packed with vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients—specifically polyphenols that protect the body against stress and inflammation. It’s only the alcohol content that has stopped beer from staking its claim to the sports drink aisle.

“Polyphenols are naturally found in beer,” Stevens explains, “but their value is overlooked because of the buzz beer bestows. Alcohol pretty much overpowers any health benefits, but once you take it out, beer is really a healthy drink.”

In fact, the scientifically-proven health benefits of nonalcoholic beer gained worldwide notoriety when the 2018 German Olympic team made it its beverage of choice during the Games. With WellBeing already gearing up to take on the sports drink industry, the publicity proved that there would be a market here in the U.S.

Like WellBeing’s other beers, WellBeing Victory Wheat is fully brewed before the alcohol is gently removed in a vacuum—as opposed to traditional methods in which fermentation is stopped or the alcohol is boiled off. The result is a crisp wheat beer with notes of orange zest that’s not too sweet and leaves no aftertaste.

Stevens wanted to kick the benefits up another notch to make it the go-to beer for active and adventurous consumers. “Michelob ULTRA is a celebratory drink, but the alcohol in it dehydrates you. There’s also Gatorade, the ultimate sports drink, which offers the electrolytes your body needs after working out, but includes added sugar. We thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could combine the best of both into something everyone would want to drink?”

A serendipitous meeting with St. Louis-based Buoy, a hydration-focused start-up, led to the two companies partnering on WellBeing Victory Wheat, integrating Buoy’s flavorless electrolyte formula into the beer recipe. Each beer has a similar number of electrolytes as Gatorade, but it’s just 85 calories a can and includes no added sugar, leading to its claim as the world’s healthiest beer.

Since launching in May, WellBeing Victory Wheat has found its place at the finish lines of races throughout the Heartland and, according to Stevens, a number of athletes have started to reach out about bringing the beer into their own workout and recovery routines. WellBeing Victory Wheat, along with WellBeing’s other nonalcoholic beers, is available for purchase at WellBeingBrewing.com and several retailers nationwide.

Featured image courtesy of Eddie Zelenak.

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