Vote Now For Your Favorite Cocktail At The Caleres Fashion Entrepreneur Competition

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The five finalists for the Caleres Fashion Entrepreneur Competition are honing their presentations and preparing for the grand finale on Nov. 10, when one designer will win $10,000 to take his or her business to new heights. Before the competition, fashion enthusiasts can vote for one People’s Choice Award winner to receive an exclusive marketing package, but organizers need help with an additional important choice: which stylish drink should be featured during the big event?

Three delicious cocktails – shoe-themed in honor of Caleres – have been selected for possible inclusion during the Caleres Fashion Entrepreneur Competition festivities, but only one will make it to the big show. Check out the drinks below, and then vote for the one you’d like to have at the finale.

The Glass Slipper
1oz vodka, 1/2oz triple sec and lime juice, topped with cranberry juice

The Workboot
1.5oz vodka, topped with Sprite and grenadine

The Stiletto
1.5oz vodka, dash of bitters and lime juice, topped with ginger beer

Vote for your favorite drink below, vote for the People’s Choice Award winner here, and buy your $10 tickets to the Caleres Fashion Entrepreneur Competition here before the price becomes $15 on the day of the event!

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