Visiting Retreat Gastropub in the Central West End

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It’s not uncommon for patrons of Retreat Gastropub to journey far and wide to delve into the food and drink offered at the popular locale, located in the heart of St. Louis’ Central West End neighborhood in the 6 North building. The restaurant is surrounded by St. Louis’ largest tech community and the growing Cortex district, where you’ll find a vibrant group of young professionals, startup founders and more.

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With a beverage program run by Tim Wiggins—local expert of all things fermented—many of the offerings you’ll find on the cocktail menu are seasonal and made in-house, like the Flotation Device drink, made with Appleton Estate rum from Jamaica, rum fire, toasted sesame amaro, mango, lime, bitters and mint. The food menu is equally fleshed-out, with a range that includes burgers, sandwiches, pasta and fresh salmon as entrees, paired perfectly with appetizers like fried risotto balls, cured salmon tartine, candied bacon and even Retreat’s take on chicken wings.

Pro tip: they also have a killer brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Retreat’s creative cocktail garnishes are perfectly Instagrammable, like the tiny dolphins made from grapefruit peels. Ask for one on your next specialty cocktail.

Retreat Gastropub
6 N Sarah St.
St. Louis, Missouri, 63108

All images courtesy of Retreat Gastropub.

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