Three St. Louis Artisans on the Rise: Ceramics, Textiles and Furniture

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Each month, Guided: St. Louis showcases three artisans who bring beautiful, innovative products into the world. Below, creative companies Jam and Bee Ceramics, Crow + Bone and Biggar & Shaw share insights into their creative ventures.

Three St. Louis Artisans on the Rise: Ceramics, Textiles and Furniture

Image courtesy of Jam and Bee Ceramics.

Laura Gallardo and Ben Warlick of Jam and Bee Ceramics
Husband and wife duo Jam and Bee Ceramics bring heaps of humor and imagination to each of their ceramic pieces. Two different potters with two distinct styles, Gallardo and Warlick combine their aesthetics and skill sets to create truly delightful collections of panda coffee mugs, sweet star earrings, and skull-adorned “In Memoriam” planters for that succulent you know isn’t long for this world.

Guided: As a married couple, how do you define and practice collaboration with Jam & Bee? 
We have very distinct individual styles: Ben (Bee) veers more towards sculptural ceramics with lots of minute details and darker colors while Laura (Jam) is more about minimalist design with bright colors and cute doodles. We both, however, love making functional ceramics for everyday use and believe that the pots we use daily should reflect the user’s personality and lifestyle. In developing collections, we each tend to stick to what we do best: Bee is an expert thrower and glaze maker and Jam prefers to handbuild and drive the overall designs of the pots we make. Coming up with new designs involves a lot of bouncing ideas off of each other, a lot of trial and error with execution, and a lot of snacks breaks. 

Three St. Louis Artisans on the Rise: Ceramics, Textiles and Furniture

Image courtesy of Crow + Bone.

Sarah Regan of Crow + Bone
Through Crow + Bone, elementary school teacher Sarah Regan designs and produces text-based t-shirts, totes and home goods that take a stand. With slogans like “Make the Planet Great Again,” “Believe Women” and “Raising Kind Humans,” this craft market regular marries fashion with political activism, putting her values on proud display.

Guided: Why did you start Crow and Bone, and how do you want it to grow?
Crow + Bone started because I felt that I was not filling the need to be creative and to provide my students with more resources within our classroom (I’m an elementary teacher by day, creator by night). I also wanted to utilize my first degree and knowledge in fashion merchandising. This led to the birth of C+B. 

It has always been a goal of mine to spread kindness and love, especially during times like these. The message behind our brand is to empower and encourage those who are undervalued in society, and to show that all are accepted here. To me, that’s the most important message I can teach others, as well as our son, Shepard. My dream is to one day open a brick and mortar to host C+B and others promoting a similar message. 

Three St. Louis Artisans on the Rise: Ceramics, Textiles and Furniture

Image courtesy of Buddy Shaw.

Buddy Shaw of Biggar & Shaw
Master craftsman Buddy Shaw is a sixth-generation woodworker who brings a high level of artistry to each piece that comes out of his shop at Biggar & Shaw. Shaw designs and builds everything from air plant vases to wall art to custom-designed furniture, often using salvaged urban lumber destined for the burn pile to make heirloom quality pieces made to last.

Guided: What do you hope your woodwork brings into peoples’ homes and lives? 
I hope my furniture brings warmth and tactile happiness in the form of comfort, quality and texture. Each piece is unique and made entirely by hand from sketches and hand-picked materials. My art pieces are an entirely selfish endeavor created from reclaimed materials with the main purpose of helping me become personally centered and working out angst, making something for my own sanity.

Featured image courtesy of Jam and Bee Ceramics.

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