Three St. Louis Artisans on the Rise

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Each month, Guided: St. Louis showcases three artisans who bring beautiful, innovative products into the world. For this first social-distancing installment, we asked creative companies Sprouted Designs, Terra, and Sugar Magnolia Botanicals to share how they’re responding to the change.

In addition, our team at CurbsideSTL has expanded its coverage of small businesses, making it easier locate shops and online stores selling handmade items, jewelry, clothing, ceramics, home decor and dozens of other categories.

Image courtesy of Sprouted Designs.

Amanda Gray-Swain of Sprouted Designs
More than 10 years ago, Amanda Gray-Swain purchased a screen printing class as a gift for her husband. After he showed her how to do it, she fell in love with screen printing herself. With her Sprouted Designs, you can bring the beauty of nature into your home with screen printed flour-sack towels, napkins and kids clothing. 

Guided: How has your business and creative practice changed in response to social distancing?
Luckily for our business, this is a somewhat slower time of year for us; the majority of our direct sales happen in the fall and holiday season. However, we have still had all of our spring shows cancel or rescheduled, which is a financial concern. We are thankful for the online sales that we have had and are hopeful that we will see an increase in online sales for the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday. We offer gift wrapping and direct shipping to your Mom.

While we are sheltering at home, we are using this time to work on new designs and build up our stock for the fall. On a personal note, we are also spending lots of time outside working on our garden with our 4 and a half-year-old.

Image courtesy of Terra.

Dianna Allen of Terra
Newly launched candle and linen spray shop Terra keeps it simple, fresh and clean—and free of harsh chemicals. Dianna Allen uses minimal ingredients in seasonally inspired scents like sea salt-orchid, bamboo-coconut and magnolia-peony. 

Guided: How has your business and creative practice changed in response to social distancing?
Social distancing has really taken a hit hard on my business, as my shop is still extremely new to the scene. I officially opened in January this year, and I had major plans to be part of local markets and craft fairs in order to grow and become known within the St. Louis community. I had a pop-up shop planned for April, a vendor event in May—and once I locked those in back in March (very excitedly, I may add!) they all were cancelled rapidly upon the news of COVID-19 spreading.

I’m now relying 100 percent on social media to make connections and grow my shop’s presence. It’s been a challenge, but my shop has been growing more and more each month! It’s amazing how wonderful and supportive the St. Louis community has been for small businesses during these times, and I’m so thankful to be part of such a great city.

Image courtesy of Sugar Magnolia Botanicals.

Heather Gonzalez of Sugar Magnolia Botanicals
Sugar Magnolia Botanicals artisan soaps make lathering up your hands a luxurious treat. All of Sugar Magnolia’s soaps, scrubs and bath bombs are created using a traditional small-batch, cold process method without animal products or palm oil. 

Guided: How has your business and creative practice changed in response to social distancing?
Social distancing went into effect just as my calendar was booked with events, which have now been postponed or cancelled. It was very important to me to stay connected to my customers. Giveaways and excitement over new products have kept the conversation going! I have also added free shipping to encourage social distancing. 

Featured image courtesy of Sprouted Designs.

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