The Record Exchange: A Paradise for Vinyl-Lovers in St. Louis and Beyond

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Vinyl was everything in the recorded music world. Then it was an anachronism. And now it’s growing again, even as overall sales of recorded music shrink. It’s a good time for new fans to rediscover old vinyl, and although some shoppers do their searches online, real OGs come to The Record Exchange.

The 43-year-old business is housed in a former library, which is both fitting for a shop dedicated to music history and ironic for a shrine to sound. You can buy speakers and turntables here, along with CDs, cassettes and knickknacks like KISS figurines or prayer candles for the patron saints of rock. But the main draw is the vinyl record selection. Organized by collectors for collectors, it’s particularly beloved by shoppers looking for 45 rpm records; an entire room is dedicated to these gems.

True to its name, The Record Exchange is open to both buying and selling, so the selection is never quite the same on any two visits. It doesn’t stock newly released vinyl, and some genres and artists are harder to find than others. Still, if you have the time to browse, it houses a treasure trove of classics just waiting to be discovered.

5320 Hampton Ave.

While you’re in the neighborhood …

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5433 Hampton Ave.

Abigail’s Gift Boutique
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5611 Hampton Ave.

Big River Running Company
The SoHa shop is one of three locations offering footwear, clothing, accessories and even training programs for active lifestyles.

5352 Devonshire Ave.

Images courtesy of Aida Hasanovic.

The Record Exchange: A Paradise for Vinyl-Lovers in St. Louis and Beyond

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