The Range of Food Pop-ups at Earthbound Beer Is as Wild as the Brewery Itself

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From chili-spiced gruits to tea-infused blondes, the steady rotation of delicious and adventurous beers that the rag-tag band of brewers behind Earthbound Beer have been producing since 2014 is impressive. But for the last few months, they’ve quietly set their sights on creating one of the most quirkiest food experiences in town, too.

And when we say “experiences,” you should pay attention to the plural. Because this month (and, if they stick to the plan, far beyond it), Kristina Goodwin and her brewery co-owners are serving up pop-up restaurant concepts for you to enjoy alongside your beers.

On Friday, March 15, they’ll host an “Et tu, Brute?” party in celebration of—what else—the Ides of March, with a Greek-inspired menu (the appetizer sampler is called the Sides of March, natch) alongside a little dinner theater re-enactment of the climax of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar,” performed by professional actors.

If that’s not enough raucous fun, wait for March 31, when the crew and Saint Louis Soda Co. will co-host a technicolor brunch experience they’re calling Vibrance. Featuring stacks of rainbow pancakes, bright blue Cream of Wheat with a yellow lemon curd swirl and green pandan waffle breakfast sandwiches (along with eye-popping cocktails and, of course, some seriously ’80s vibes), Vibrance promises to act as an antidote to the last few months of brutal weather. “It’s been a long winter,” Goodwin said via email. “I want people to be enchanted by color and feel vibrance and light as we move into spring.”

The Range of Food Pop-ups at Earthbound Beer Is as Wild as the Brewery Itself

Image courtesy of Ann Hubbard.

If you’re a regular at this Cherokee Street brewery, you know to get there early; past pop-ups featuring artisan donuts, “chilis of the world” and a full-on pie smorgasbord have all had lines out the door. But if you can’t stand the wait, just hang on for the next one. Goodwin teases that events are in the works that celebrate vegan food, brunch for dinner, the “Midwest Riviera” (Goodwin explains: “Like the French riviera, but South Saint Louis”) and a giant birthday party for no one/everyone, complete with live balloon animal artist and cake.

“Earthbound exists as a shared dream, and we want the brewery to be a place where people can go to experience the unusual, the surreal, and the magical in their everyday lives,” Goodwin says. “Pop-ups give us a unique way to share that magic with other people.” We can’t wait to take part.

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