The Benevolent King: Chef Ben Poremba’s Moroccan-Inspired Joint in Maplewood

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It’s almost guaranteed that you will expand your culinary horizons—and perhaps even learn a bit of history—while dining at The Benevolent King. Chef and proprietor Ben Poremba named the restaurant after Sultan Muhammad V of Morocco, who resisted efforts to impose anti-Jewish laws and deport the country’s Jewish population during World War II. It’s not necessary to know this tidbit, but helps explain a few things, like the welcoming ambiance and the menu spotlight on Rachel’s cookies (from Poremba’s mother, who is Moroccan; his father survived the Holocaust).

Neighborhood residents frequently stop by the front patio for a snack such as briouat (crispy tubes of brik stuffed with chicken or sardines) or a bowl of jben (fresh farmer’s cheese with herbs). They may pair it with wine, but more likely they’ll choose one of the intricately crafted cocktails. For a heartier appetite, look to the salatim (small plates of salad, vegetables and spreads, usually served cold). At 3 for $20 or 5 for $30, these are worth investing in as a shareable meal.

The dinner menu offers seafood, chicken and lamb in enticing combinations of sauces and vegetables. Because Poremba is a veteran on the local restaurant scene, he’s trusted regardless of how unusual an ingredient or combination might sound. His eateries are also popular, so reservations are a good idea.

7268 Manchester Road

The Benevolent King: Chef Ben Poremba's Moroccan-Inspired Joint in Maplewood

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This story originally appeared in Guided: Maplewood, available online and at these locations now.

Photography courtesy of Carmen Troesser.

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