Stock Your Freezer With Pasture-Raised Protein From This Local Subscription Service

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Specialty grocery store Mac’s Local Buys in St. Louis‘ Clayton-Tamm neighborhood is our insider tip for healthy, local grocery shopping made easy, particularly for the upcoming fall and winter months. If you’re looking for a way to eat meat responsibly and feed your family wholesome, delicious meals through the holiday season, the grocer’s butcher-bag subscription service is an efficient way to do it.

Stock Your Fridge With Pasture-Raised Protein From this Healthy Local Grocery Service

While you may have popped into restaurant side, Mac’s Local Eats, for one of their made-from-scratch pork burgers or the blackened chicken dish, the independently owned artisan shop offers a seasonal grocery service for mindful diners. They’re now accepting applications for one of their signature offerings: monthly winter butcher bags. Each butcher bag comes stuffed with six to seven pounds of healthy meat and protein from local, pasture-raised livestock, prepared by St. Louis’ top farmers. Proteins will include a mix of beef, pork and poultry, and each bag will also come with two dozen local, organic eggs.

Stock Your Fridge With Pasture-Raised Protein From this Healthy Local Grocery Service

Topping it all off, each butcher bag will come with a surprise seasonal treat, depending on what farmers have available. Registration is open now and is first-come first-serve, so if you have strong interest, it’s better to register sooner rather than later. Butcher-bag distribution will run for four months—December 2018 through March 2019—after which they’ll be replaced with season spring picks.

All images courtesy of Mac’s Local Buys.

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