St. Louis’ Mobile Coffee Bar, Silo Coffee Co.

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Rachael Burchett was still in high school when she started an initiative called Solea Water, which collaborates with community partners in Latin America to bring clean-water projects to its residents. So, it’s no surprise that she also started St. Louis’ first mobile coffee cart and camper with her husband Anthony, calling it Silo Coffee Co.

Together they brew direct trade specialty java and return 10 percent of their earnings back to coffee-farming communities by funding clean-water projects. “We started Silo to be a place where specialty coffee can be housed in the same place as social justice for coffee farmers,” they write on the company’s website. “You can know that you’re making a difference for coffee farmers with every delicious sip.”

 St. Louis' Mobile Coffee Bar, Silo Coffee Co.

The Burchetts have two mobile coffee-dispensary options that can be rented out for events: the first is a renovated midcentury camper from 1967 which they’ve lovingly named Wilfred, in honor of a coffee farmer they met in Panama. They also offer a pour-over cart for smaller-scale or indoor events and have partnered with a variety of specialty local roasters aligned with a similar mission: Blueprint, COMA, Switch and La Cosecha among them.

We’d be hard-pressed to think of any time or place where a delicious cup of java is not a good thing, especially when a portion of profits are devoted to such an important cause. So if you’re looking to spice up your event, a delectable coffee camper like Winifred could just be your secret weapon.

Images courtesy of Silo Coffee Co.

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