Six Places to Practice Self-Care This Holiday Season

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Stress is as much of a part of the holiday season as eggnog and fruitcake. And most of us need a whole lot of brandy to make them all tolerable.

The overwhelming rush between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day can leave us both mentally and physically exhausted. Not to mention, with New Year’s Day just on the horizon, we get the bonus of a mini existential crisis—did we hit all those goals we made for ourselves just a year ago?

When the holidays feel like too much, it’s time to take a step back from the madness to make time for yourself. By scheduling in some self-care during this busy season at one of the following resources, you can relax, regroup and most important, re-focus on your overall well-being.

1. Celebration of Self-Care
Whether you practice self-care regularly or finally just now embracing the importance of personal wellness, St. Louis’ Self-Care Alliance can help you craft your care plan for the new year. Its inaugural Celebration of Self-Care on Dec. 8 at The Empowerment Center at the Center for Divine Love in the South Grand neighborhood features a day of demonstrations, presentations and “playshops,” highlighting everything from meditation and mindfulness to Reiki and chiropractic health.

2. St. Louis Salt Room
If an unexpected winter virus puts a kink in your holiday planning, book a series of private salt therapy sessions at the St. Louis Salt Room in Maplewood. Not only do you get 45 minutes of precious silence all to yourself, but salt therapy can help shorten a respiratory cold’s run naturally and prevent it from returning. Even better, it strengthens your immune system so you can better stand up to the germs that lurk on the serving spoons at your office’s holiday potluck.

3. Universal Yoga at World Chess Hall of Fame
Overwhelmed revelers can find solace within the World Chess Hall of Fame in the Central West End on Dec. 4 at 6 p.m. for the latest session in its Universal Yoga series. Led by renowned yoga instructor Dianna Lucas, the class is inspired by the works of St. Louis artist Peter Manion whose mixed-media, interactive installations surround the room around you. This connection between art and movement allows you to fully channel your inner peace.

Six Places to Practice Self-Care This Holiday Season

Image courtesy of FLOAT STL.

When shoving crowds and endless replays of Wham!’s “Last Christmas” have finally pushed you to your breaking point, take a breather at FLOAT STL. As you drift in one of their float rooms or pods, you can turn off all that holiday stimuli, letting your mind relax and rejuvenate. Plus, the Epsom salts that keep you floating can help detoxify the body, which is especially important this time of year when our diet mainly consists of cocktails and candy canes.

5. Mod Mama Retreat
Let’s face it—moms are in charge of most of the holiday to-dos, from shopping for an endless list of relatives to coordinating outfits for family photos. Take the break you deserve by gathering your friends for the Mod Mama Retreat on Dec. 2 at Wellbridge Athletic Club & Spa in Clayton. Kick off the fun with an aerial yoga or paddle boarding class before partaking in presentations from local self-care experts. The event, sponsored by xplor, also includes a Lululemon fashion show, lunch from Fit Flavors and special offers on spa services.

6. Healing Arts Center
Once the holiday rush is behind you, join Healing Arts Center on Dec. 30 for “Releasing 2018, Creating 2019 – Breath and Intention for the New Year.” Using a series of therapeutic processes, instructor Tom Tessereau will help you release past frustrations, clarify your goals for 2019 and re-energize for an exciting new year ahead. The workshop also prepares you for the Center’s Monthly Transformational Breathwork classes so you can continue your self-care practice in the months to come.

Featured image courtesy of Healing Arts Center.

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