Shake Up (and Upscale) Sunday’s Brunch Routine with Nixta’s Mexico and Missouri-Inspired Fare

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When you think brunch, your first thought might not be Mexican. And that’s exactly why you need to check out Nixta the next time you’re looking for an amazing Sunday afternoon meal.

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Named one of the 10 best restaurants in America last year by Bon Appetit Magazine, Nixta made a name for itself with its hyper-contemporary, chef-driven take on traditional Latin American cuisine: think witty, surprising small plates that infuse South American spice into Eastern Missouri produce to stunning date-night effect. When the weekend rolls around, though, Nixta loosens up a bit. Under chef de cuisine Alex Henry—himself a product of his father’s native St. Louis and his mother’s native Yucatán peninsula, and one of St. Louis’ most promising young chefs—Nixta’s brunch offerings stick to your ribs a bit more than Nixta-by-night, without compromising the delicate flavors and craftsman-precise techniques that made their dinner menu a fixture for diners across the country.

Order the Torta de Cochinita, and you’ll fill up on rich, slow-cooked pork and crusty bread—and you may not even realize that it was cooked in an underground oven using a technique that indigenous Mexicans have perfected over centuries. If you’re tempted by whatever novel new take on the seasonal tamal is on the menu that day—think duck prosciutto, estonia berry compote and nodding onion blossoms—and you’ll be able to sense the depth of care that went into the dish, even if you don’t know that getting the nixtamal corn that tender takes upwards of three days.

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Opt to graze on the sides menu instead, and you can treat yourself to a showcase of classic Mexican breakfast standbys—your chilaquiles, your enfrijoladas, your Mexican sausage and eggs—but every dish will be just a notch more upscale than versions you’ve tried before. Even brunchers who usually go for the sweets menu won’t be disappointed: Henry’s heavenly churros with mellow-sweet caramel sauce are an incredible substitute for french toast. And the price point on the whole menu is reasonable enough to guarantee that most St. Louisans can get a taste of fine dining, and a good weekend sleep-in besides.

Nixta (1621 Tower Grove Ave.) serves brunch 11 a.m.-3 p.m. on Sundays. Reservations accepted at 314-899-9000 or

All photos courtesy of Nixta.

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