Saint Louis Zoo: A World-Class Leader in Research, Conservation and Education Since 1910

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Here are three simple reasons the Saint Louis Zoo is one of the city’s (and the country’s) favorite attractions: 90 acres of exploration and discovery, 600 species of animals, $0 admission fee. The zoo’s six zones—River’s Edge, Historic Hill, Red Rocks, Lakeside Crossing, Discovery Corner and The Wild— all focus on different types of animals and experiences, and several of them have their own eateries and adventure areas (some of which require an additional paid ticket or fee).

The zoo is one of the many benefits St. Louis gained after the 1904 World’s Fair. The city paid $3,500 for the walk-through flight cage that had been commissioned by the Smithsonian Institution. It also purchased a pair of Mandarin ducks and four Canada geese to be its first inhabitants. From this humble beginning, the zoo has grown to more than 16,000 residents and become a worldwide leader in animal husbandry, participating in many research projects and carefully studying everything from reproduction and nutrition to species survival.

Saint Louis Zoo: A World-Class Leader in Research, Conservation and Education Since 1910

Repeat visitors know that no two visits to the zoo are ever the same. New babies are born. Seasons turn. Special events take center stage. And for those who simply can’t get enough, there are educational opportunities such as behind-the-scenes tours, summer programs, overnight campouts and even the chance to be a train engineer for a day.

Saint Louis Zoo
Government Drive

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Images courtesy of Carmen Troesser.

This story originally appeared in Guided: DeMun + Forest Park, available now at these locations and in a digital edition.

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