Rocket Century: Fabulous Yet Accessible Midcentury Modern Treasures

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Wicker … wool … walnut … macramé … vinyl … simply reading about the raw materials for this shop’s vintage modern furniture leads to a visualization of the workmanship that goes into each item. Back when Rocket Century started selling its wares online in 2010, visualizing was about all customers could do. The brick and mortar store opened on South Grand two years later, showcasing fabulous finds from sofas to record turntables to plant hangers—an eclectic mix.

With its wares now located in The Green Shag Market just south of Forest Park, Rocket Century still has the same vibe: Art Deco meets groovy ‘70s flair, with some pieces that push the envelope outside of easy classification.

Scoping out good finds is just one step in the process. Owner Kristina Starr and her team also clean items, restoring or repairing them as needed. Then they get to work with marketing and sales. Sometimes the customer comes to them—for example, if a movie needs to be set in a certain time period, or a period home is being staged for a sale, Rocket Century might have the exact right piece.

New items arrive daily, which means a trip to the showroom is never the same experience twice in a row. But those who can’t make it to the showroom can still browse online.

5733 Manchester Ave.

A version of this story originally appeared in fall 2017 in Guided: South Grand, available in a digital edition.

Images courtesy of Carmen Troesser.

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