Rebel + Ruse Designer Camille Moore Talks Turquoise And Being Featured In Vogue UK

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If there is one thing that represents the classic Americana aesthetic, it would have to be turquoise, which just so happens to be a key component of St. Louis-based jewelry designer Camille Moore’s line, Rebel + Ruse. After becoming one of the most talked-about local brands—and being featured in the April issue of Vogue UK—we were dying to chat with her about the brand, her design style and her Southwestern flair.

Photos courtesy of Rebel + Ruse.

Photos courtesy of Rebel + Ruse.

How did you learn the skill of jewelry-making and what inspired you to begin?
I’m more or less self-taught; I did take part of a course at Saint Louis Community College but just enough to feel comfortable using the torch and to get the basics down. I bought a lot of books and did a lot of research on the internet and played it by ear, trial and error really. And I’m still learning.

I got into jewelry-making while I was in the Air Force, and I picked up wire-wrapping in Korea just because I knew that I would need something to keep me busy during the down time. Through jewelry, I’ve really fallen in love with designing and creating, and just even the little things—the time-consuming parts of the process I love and get completely lost in.

What was the first piece of jewelry you ever designed?
It was a Royston and Amber ring—it’s so funny I haven’t thought about that in a while! The ring band wasn’t what I wanted it to be but overall it turned out really well and I wore it for a long time. I still have it lying around somewhere. I was so proud. I did a lot of research to find where I needed to get all my tools from so it took a lot of time to get there, but it felt really good to create something from scratch.

Can you tell us a bit about the materials you use to create your pieces?
As far as my turquoise pieces, all of my turquoise is sourced in the Southwest. My silver is all sustainable recycled silver, and I also like to go to gem shows and different bead stores for the rest of my materials.

How do you believe your personal style and designs have evolved since you first began?
Well, through college and even up until last year, I worked on and off at vintage retail stores, so I’ve always had sort of my own quirky weird sense of style, and it’s always changing. When I started, I was doing wire-wrapping so I was using a lot of quartz and crystals and it was a little more minimal, and then I got really into mixed metals.

Mixed metals pretty much have my heart—that’s where most of my creative energy goes because a lot of these pieces look almost abstract which is just super cool to me. Then I got really into the turquoise and the Southwest feel, which I still really love and people have really responded well. I’ve also recently started to get into men’s pieces, and with those I typically try to keep them as minimal and simple as I can but still make a bold statement. I’ve definitely evolved and am still evolving.

What is your favorite part of being a jewelry designer?
Getting feedback from customers. The best thing is getting a good review, having someone send me a photo of them wearing a piece. Making people happy is definitely the best part.

Where do you find the inspiration for each piece? Could you explain the design process?
Well that all depends: If I’m working with turquoise, I’m mostly inspired by the stone, by the shape, by the color, by the feel, by the weight. That will determine where I go with that piece.

Rebel + Ruse was recently featured in Vogue UK, could you tell us about how that came about?
For the issue that I was featured in, the theme of the page was Midas Touch, and they were scouting for bigger jewelry designers and some smaller scale jewelry designers. They found me on Instagram, and it just kind of was perfect place at the perfect time. It was so cool. I didn’t believe it at first but it’s an honor.

Where can customers shop Rebel + Ruse locally?
Right now I’m selling at Ruby Francis on Cherokee Street, May’s Place on Ivanhoe, Urban Matter on Virginia, Mindworks Art Gallery in Chesterfield, and Muse Clothing in Columbia, MO. I also sell on my website and my Etsy.

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