4 Poke Places to Get Your Raw-Fish Fix

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If you haven’t tried poke, that’s bound to change. Although a seafood staple in Hawaii, the traditional raw-fish bowl took its time reaching the mainland, but now it’s just about everywhere. Basically a deconstructed version of sushi, poke is generally healthy—packing an omega-3 punch—and customizable to different tastes.

As the trend shows no signs of slowing down, pick the poke place closest to you and give it a try.

Located in the Central West End, PokeDoke serves some of the freshest poke bowls in town. For a fast, flavorful and affordable fix, even customers from cities better known for their poke, such as LA, San Diego and NYC, aren’t disappointed. Here you’ll choose two, three or four poke scoops, then add poke, sauce (gluten-free options available upon request), toppings and drizzle. Like most poke off the islands, there are other options besides tuna. Select salmon, shrimp, octopus or tofu, and throw avocado, mango, edamame, pineapple, fried onion, ginger and more into the mix. After you’ve concocted the perfect bowl, wash it down with a glass of bubble tea.

4 Poke Places to Get Your Raw-Fish Fix

Image courtesy of PokeDoke.

Hiro Poké Co.
Accommodating the most common allergies and dietary restrictions, the poke bowls at this Downtown eatery are free of nuts and dairy, and it offers vegetarian, vegan, paleo, plant-based and gluten-free options. While it is possible to build your own bowl, the menu is centered around three ready-made bowls with locally inspired names. Forest Park is a vegan bowl with brown rice, tofu and a surprising sesame pesto sauce. Aloha STL boasts both ahi tuna and salmon in a tart-tangy ponzu sauce. And Go Cards features white-meat chicken glazed with ginger-teriyaki sauce. If you want to get really creative with your poke, opt for the cauliflower-rice base—it’s unconventional but delicious.

Poke in St. Louis_Hiro Poké Co.

Image courtesy of Hiro Poké Co.

The poke at BLK MKT Eats typically comes as a burrito-sized sushi roll, but it’s possible to turn any of its rolls into bowls. Located next to Saint Louis University, the fast-casual restaurant was designed to dish out healthy food that people would crave, and there’s a growing consensus among regulars that the owners have done just that. They source the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients and fuse them with globally inspired flavors. The salmon and tuna are sustainably harvested, but if you’re vegetarian or vegan, you have options, too. The Holy Shiitake with braised shiitake mushrooms, sesame kale slaw, lemon-spiked asparagus, pickled daikon and crispy shallots is vegan, while the umami and sweet Shaka Poke with classic tuna or salmon poke, Persian cucumbers, avocado, green cabbage, sesame seeds and unagi sauce is the closest you can get to the real thing.

Poke in St. Louis_BLK MKT Eats

Image courtesy of BLK MKT Eats.

Drunken Fish
You can also get your lunchtime poke fix at any one of the three Drunken Fish locations in St. Louis. The sushi restaurant offers yellowtail or tuna poke, served with sesame, cucumber, onion, mango and wonton chips. For a different twist but the same great taste, try its poke tacos: three homemade wonton taco shells filled with your choice of yellowtail or tuna poke, napa slaw and sesame.

Featured image courtesy of PokeDoke.

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