Poem: ‘This Is The Moment’ by Jay Erickson

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this moment when the teetering flywheel of life
has been slowed by a terrible hand to
a more human pace

this moment when thousands struggle for
the next breath and too many
don’t find it

this moment when courage is defined by
care and constancy and
showing up

this moment when all of our shadows
are laid bare and we cannot run

this moment when we feel how
connected, dependent and
vulnerable we are

this moment when nature beckons to
offer comfort despite what we
have done to Her

let this moment be an initiation

let us all walk through the valley
apart yet together

descend to
the neglected places
that have been softly calling

have the conversations
we have been avoiding

let go of what we
forgot we were holding onto

cook the meals we
have been meaning to make

wade into the waters of grief
where we all meet eventually

rest and awake in a new world
where we remember
how thin is the veil
how tender is the heart
how strong we are as one

lift each other up
by all and any means to
carry ourselves home

this is the moment



Jay Erickson lives in Pawling, New York, and is a poet, entrepreneur, musician, beekeeper, carpenter and gardener. His poetry has appeared in ALIVE with two commissioned pieces, “Crow Knows” and “Triptych For An American Backyard.” You can also find our Q&A with him from 2017 here.

Featured image at The Cheshire courtesy of Carmen Troesser.

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