Night at the Brewseum: History of Beer Caves in St. Louis

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Some of the most important St. Louis history is right under your feet. Underground caves just beneath the surface of the city have played a vital role in St. Louis’ past—and turned our city into one of the world’s largest beer capitals.

Join experts and researchers from the Missouri History Museum, Cave Archaeology Investigation and Research Network and Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. for the Nov. 14 Night at the Brewseum: History of Beer Caves in St. Louis.

Night at the Brewseum: History of Beer Caves in St. Louis

Uhlrig’s Cave [exterior]. Stereograph photograph by Robert Benecke, ca. 1870. [right half of stereo]. Missouri Historical Society Photographs and Prints Collection. PB 0915. Scan (c) 2005, Missouri Historical Society.

Moderator Adam Kloppe, public historian at the Missouri Historical Society, leads a fascinating discussion with experts and researchers in urban archaeology, including Craig Williams, president of CAIRN, who will talk about what the caves and artifacts mean to us and why they are important to the future, and Joe Light, a caver and researcher who will share the caves’ history, maps and surveys for rescue.

On the above-ground side of the panel, Kloppe discusses the brewing companies that operated the caves and Adam McBrady, retail and hospitality manager at UCBC, brings in the modern-day aspects of beer production and storage.

The evening, part of an ongoing series highlighting the history of St. Louis, opens with complimentary snacks and a cash bar and concludes with time for networking and mingling—and checking out the information booths from the Missouri Historical Society.

Night at the Brewseum: History of Beer Caves in St. Louis is Nov. 14 from 6-8 p.m. at the Urban Chestnut Brewing Co.’s Barrel Room in Midtown. To reserve your spot to this free event, RSVP from the online event page.

Images from Night at the Brewseum: The History of Beer Advertising in St. Louis, courtesy of Miranda Munguia.

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