New Video from CurbsideSTL Shares Stories Behind Small Businesses

 In News, Sponsored and #314Together were created to help support our local restaurant and retail businesses and their workers during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Check out this video and get to know the personal stories behind the small businesses working the front lines to save their restaurants and feed St. Louis. The featured businesses and entrepreneurs include Gerard Craft of Niche Restaurant Group, Rise Coffee, Strange Donuts, Katie Kelly of Shanti Yoga, Byron Hayes of Joe Jo’s Fish & Chicken, Rick & Elisa Lewis of Grace Meat & Three, Mike Marquard of Blueprint Coffee, Stuart Keating of Earthbound Beer, Yaquis on Cherokee, Mission Taco Joint, Guerrilla Street Food, Arch Apparel, Sauce on the Side, The B-Side and SweetArt.

This remarkable short film was created by:

Thank you for supporting the companies that keep Novel creative agency and Guided: St. Louis growing.

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