Naughty and Nice: Clementine’s Certified Microcreamery Business Gets a Little Bigger

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One lick of the ice cream at Clementine’s Naughty & Nice Creamery and you can tell it’s quality stuff. Every flavor is made with 100 percent natural ingredients; owner Tamara Keefe develops every candy, cake, cookie and sauce that you’ll taste in the ice cream from scratch in the Clementine’s kitchen.

Keefe grew up in southern California in a large family that had little funds for ice cream outings. One day, her mother found an old ice cream churner at a garage sale and the family began making their Sunday-afternoon treat at home. Before long, other families were stopping by their house to pitch in on the project and share the homemade ice cream.

That memory stuck with Keefe and she continued to make ice cream for her friends, family and parties throughout her adult life. However, it wasn’t until she left a career in brand marketing in 2015 that she made the business of ice cream her lifelong passion project.

Naughty and Nice: Clementine's Certified Microcreamery Business Gets a Little Bigger

Her collection of experiences has given Keefe a palate for interesting foods and flavors and provided her with connections to create her signature “Naughty” ice cream, which contains a considerable amount of alcohol. Keefe worked with chemists and food scientists to make a truly boozy ice cream, such as her infamous Maple Bourbon with Candied Pecans and the Chocolate Cabernet. Among her signature “Nice” flavors are Gooey Butter Cake, Salted Crack Caramel and Italian Butter Cookie.

At any given time, Clementine’s offers 24 flavors, six of which contain alcohol and four of which are vegan. Recently, the shop released its “botanical series” that includes new flavors: White Chocolate Geranium, Pistachio Rosewater, Jasmine Tea and Honey Lavender.

Although Keefe is constantly concocting new recipes and adding fresh flavors into the mix, those with a sweet tooth can rest assured that the ice cream at Clementine’s is always made with milk from local, grass-fed, pasture-raised and hormone- and RBST-free cows. Combined with the finest, handpicked ingredients from around the world, the certified microcreamery churns up a decadent 16-18 percent butterfat product that’s completely irresistible.

Naughty and Nice: Clementine's Certified Microcreamery Business Gets a Little Bigger

Keefe’s four-year-old flagship location is in Lafayette Square—an elegant small-batch creamery with twinkling chandeliers and black-and-white-checkered tile flooring. A second location opened on DeMun in 2017 and the third location on Macklind Avenue in South City just opened on Memorial Day. Keefe also has plans to open a Maplewood location in a couple of months.

“I love all the neighborhoods of St. Louis and we take pride in being a common thread in a number of them,” says Keefe.

Images courtesy of Chris Bauer.

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