More Than an Appetizer: At Crispy Edge, the Potsticker Takes Center Stage

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When we were kids, we all had that one food item we were hooked on. We couldn’t wait to grow up and eat all the cheeseburgers, chicken fingers, ice cream or candy we wanted, any time we wanted.

David Dresner is one of the few who actually made that fantasy a delicious reality. Self-described as “the most potsticker-obsessed person you’ll ever meet,” Dresner turned his favorite childhood comfort food into a full-fledged business. Since 2013, Dresner’s company, Crispy Edge, has been handcrafting innovative potstickers for the wholesale market, and in 2018, he opened a storefront restaurant that continues to serve a legion of equally passionate fans every Friday through Sunday.

The growing popularity of potstickers over the years has led this Asian-inspired dumpling to stake its spot on menus across all restaurant genres, from local pubs to national casual dining chains. But Dresner, alongside executive chef Tori Foster and director of operations Jesse Stuart, has continued to stay ahead of the trend by incorporating globally inspired ingredients into fresh, handmade dough that gives their version a crispier bite.

“Translating other flavors into this ubiquitous vehicle made sense for me,” Dresner explains. “Traditionally, potstickers always had the same ingredients thrown in. But over time, the potsticker has evolved, and I wanted to take it to the next level not only in terms of fillings, doughs and sauces, but also in the way we present it and the way we plate it.”

Today, Crispy Edge is built around the time-honored version of the potsticker, stuffed with ginger pork and cabbage and drizzled with a citrus ponzu glaze. But that’s only the first stop on this culinary adventure. For example, diners can savor a vegan Indian potsticker, featuring a plant-based chicken filling and coconut cashew tikka masala sauce, or a Mediterranean option with spiced lamb wrapped in parsley and fennel dough. Dresner and Foster are even working on a new St. Louis-centric potsticker that will pay homage to the 314.

On Sundays, potstickers are transformed into breakfast mainstays during the restaurant’s popular brunch. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., you can get your hands on ingenious options such as the Everything Bagel potstickers filled with cream cheese and chives or the Biscuits & Gravy potstickers packed with breakfast sausage and smothered in country-style gravy.

For Dresner, seeing Crispy Edge potstickers in restaurants and supermarkets across St. Louis, along with patrons packing his very own restaurant, is more than he ever expected.

“The restaurant has been a dream come true. If nothing else came of it, I still ended up with the lifetime supply of potstickers the kid in me always wanted, but it’s really turned into a beautiful experience, and the support of my fellow St. Louisans has been amazing.”

Crispy Edge
4168 Juniata St.

Image courtesy of Izaiah Johnson.

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