MICDS Builds a Community of Kindness On Campus

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The middle school at MICDS is a place where talented and caring faculty nurture students’ individual talents and guide them in the discovery of new passions. The school celebrates differences and appreciates diverse perspectives as students grow and collaborate as enthusiastic critical thinkers, committing to live each day with purpose and service. The community encourages leadership in the educational journey and beyond.


The MICDS Mission Statement reads, “More than ever, our nation needs responsible men and women who can meet the challenges of this world with confidence and embrace all its people with compassion.”

The Middle School Honor Code, which was developed by students in 1996, is an outgrowth of this mission and is rooted in the belief that all students must assume responsibility for their own actions. It reads, “I will live by the principles of trust, respect, responsibility and honor as a student at MICDS.” Every year, students spend time in advisory and assembly reflecting upon the Honor Code. They demonstrate their commitment to upholding the code by signing copies during a special assembly which occurs near the beginning of the school year.

As an extension of MICDS’ Middle School Honor Code, the phrase ‘Community of Kindness’ is used by all to refer to a set of student-generated ideals and expectations that govern how students and faculty interact with each other at school each day. Recognizing that everyone has a role in shaping the school climate, all students and adults in the Middle School commit to building a strong middle school culture based on the principles of trust, respect, responsibility and honor.

Shaping this ‘Community of Kindness’ is a process that begins with the students themselves. Following a full Middle School presentation at the start of the school year, students at each grade level (5-8) then explore what a true ‘Community of Kindness’ might look like in advisory and class meetings, and contribute to the establishment of healthy community norms to ensure that all students feel welcome and included, and that our Middle School is a safe and supportive place for all.

To learn more about the MICDS Middle School program and explore its beautiful campus, visit micds.org and plan to attend its Open House on Saturday, Oct. 29, beginning at 9:30am.

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