Made in St. Louis: Hossmas Skincare

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St. LouisHossmas Skincare founder Shannon Bradford started the obsessively natural brand of personal-care products in her kitchen—the perfect makeshift lab for mixing various minerals and infusions. Bradford was having a particularly bad bout with a rare skin condition that causes inflamed, itchy skin abrasions, which no store-bought product proved able to calm. What she came up with was the first formula recipe for Hossmas’ current cleanser, delightfully dubbed “cleansing dew,” made of herbal infusions and essential oils.

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The self-made mixture actually worked, which propelled Bradford headfirst into several years of researching and testing out different formulations. She officially launched as a business in April of last year, with a product line that now includes several cleansers, like the cleansing dew (which smells like a Creamsicle), lunar dew and emerald dew, as well as moisturizers, masks, deodorant, even toothpaste and dental drops. Pro-tip: the mystic blue cream is incredibly hydrating—and smells like a dream.

As for the name, Bradford named it Hossmas in honor of her “soft, floofy muse of 12 years,” who happens to be her canine counterpart.


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