Local Designer Khandi Ray Launches Documentary Series

 In Style

St. Louis-based designer Khandi Ray launched her documentary series, “Behind the Style,” on YouTube last week as a collaboration with fellow St. Louisan, photographer and filmmaker for the project Jessica Page. The series will release two episodes per month and chronicles Ray’s life behind the scenes as a self-taught fashion designer and artist.

Photo courtesy of Khandi Ray.

Photo courtesy of Khandi Ray.

The first episode is a look into Ray and how she made the move into fashion, with the following episodes to dig a bit deeper into the Khandi Ray brand, from the creation and design of the pieces to behind the scenes footage from photoshoots and events. “The world of fashion is already a beast in itself,” says Ray. “My goal is to encourage self-taught fashion designers that anything is possible through hard work and faith.”

Subscribe to KhandiRayConvos on YouTube to watch the first episode and keep tabs on the development of the “Behind the Style” series, and follow along with Ray on Instagram @khandi_ray.

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