Le’Ponds To Release First Ever EP, “Heat,” With Album Release Show At Dead Wax Records

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Under the stage name Le’Ponds, electro-folk singer-songwriter Lisa Houdei creates a sound unlike anything you’ve ever heard before, right here in St. Louis. Set to be released on Dec. 9 at Dead Wax Records (1959 Cherokee St.) as part of an album release show, Le’Ponds’ first EP, “Heat,” was recorded at Electropolis Studios alongside Tim Gebauer. Listeners will hear the unexpected combination of her ethereal voice paired with electronic elements in her acoustic songs.

Learn more about Le’Ponds in the Q+A below.

Le'Ponds | Photo by Jarred Gastreich

Le’Ponds | Photo by Jarred Gastreich

Where are you from, and when did you decide to start playing music?
I am from a little town called Defiance, Missouri. I began playing guitar when I was about 13. My dad bought me an acoustic guitar and insisted I take up a musical instrument. I’ve been playing ever since.

How did your electro-folk style originate?
It began with me recording my acoustic songs at home, then slowly layering some different tones and textures to the pieces. I always found myself searching around for wooden spoons and making odd drum beats to carry my songs to a different place. I wasn’t really ever sure if it sounded “together,” but I ended up going with it. Once I stepped into the studio with Tim Gebauer, we lifted everything to a new level.

What is the single for your EP, “Heat”? Tell us about it. 
“Please.” That song was a last-minute addition and ended up being one of our favorite songs on this album. I believe that is the song that best describes what “electro-folk” means to me.

Where did the inspiration for “Heat” come from?
I just began recording songs here and there in the studio (Electropolis Studios) with Tim, and we decided to make an album. I wrote a lot of new songs during that time period; they all really came out of nowhere and were really unexpected. I can say for sure that after I wrote them, they began to have a common theme: love, earth and warmth.

What does your songwriting process look like?
Lately, I start playing guitar, then begin humming a melody. If the melody catches me, I record myself murmuring nonsensical words into my phone and try to create a more solid melody. Then, whatever my murmurs sound like, I try to find words that fit the syllables. It’s sort of strange, but it works out!

What can we expect from the show this Friday?
One of my favorite local acts, Spectator, is opening the show that evening. I am very excited to see what they have in store. Other than that, you can expect to hear a whole new Le’Ponds.

Anything else you want to tell St. Louis?
Thank you for being so supportive and fun. I am surrounded by so many talented people, and many of those people have helped me get to this point. I am very excited to begin this new chapter now that I’ve found my sound, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

The 8:00pm show at Dead Wax Records sold out, while limited seating remains for the 10:00pm show. Tickets are on sale here. Get ’em while you can. $10 gets you a CD and in the door. Wine, beer and whiskey will be provided.


Check out the video below for a sneak peak at “Please,” a track from Le’Ponds EP, “Heat.”


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