Laugh-Out-Loud Tees and More from This St. Louis Women’s Clothing Boutique

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While fashion is known for pushing the envelope of creativity, it doesn’t necessarily have to happen with a mile-high wig or 12-inch platform heels (though it can). For women’s clothing designs and pieces that toe the line of unique, attention-grabbing and wearable, we’re loving St. Louis-based boutique CLR MNSTR, founded by sartorial tastemaker Tricia Thurman.

Though the boutique no longer has a brick-and-mortar on St. Louis’ Washington Avenue, Thurman still routinely ransacks masses of online inventory to find the perfect items for the online boutique, “Customized for the baddest motherfuckers out there, YOU,” as the website reads.

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While you’ll find sardonic t-shirts sporting phrases like “Look Rich” and “Buy Art Not Heroin,” which are very popular, Thurman’s affinity for both art and polished pieces shines through the mix.

In addition to a curated array of clothing and jewelry, shoppers can also peruse a collection of prints, mosaics, paintings and other original, artist-crafted pieces, which would surely spice up any space that has fallen prey to blandness. It’s a concept that pulls from originality, authenticity and the idea that while art can be a piece that hangs from a wall, it can also be a beautifully handmade blouse or necklace from an indie brand that’s unique and special. Which is really Thurman’s ultimate hope: fashioning a platform where the power of art can be heard loud and clear, regardless of the form.

All images courtesy of Clr Mnstr.

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