LARK Skin Co. Offers a Fresh Take on Beauty Products

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Feeling particularly lost in life after her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Lisa Dolan sat down to meditate and dreamed up her vision (branding and all) for LARK Skin Co. In the company’s early stages, her mother, who inspired the brand, helped to develop the vision and products.

Dolan’s appreciation of clean products and ingredients had begun years earlier, during her first pregnancy. After realizing that brands sometimes make false claims about their organic ingredients, she decided to make her own skin care line, with the goal of creating products that were “safe, multi-functional and effective.” Dolan used her background as a cosmetologist and esthetician to experiment with natural ingredients like coconut oil, sacha inchi oil and rose hip.

LARK Skin Co. Offers a Fresh Take on Beauty Products

At LARK, beauty and wellness go hand in hand. The company works to create a space in the beauty industry where the community is educated, confident and empowered in their own skin. The brand highlights high-quality ingredients with a less-is-more approach to products, which is reflected everywhere from the clean lines of the packaging to the a subtle color palette.

LARK products include a cleansing balm, polish and oil, facial toners and treatments like vitamin C serum, under-eye oil and brightening masks. Many LARK products are oil-based, which helps hydrate the skin and balance out its natural oils. Its serums are based on aloe vera juice, while its alcohol-free toners are witch hazel-based.

LARK Skin Co. Offers a Fresh Take on Beauty Products

The Cleansing Balm was the first product created—and it remains one of LARK’s best sellers. It’s made with natural coconut oil and shea butter and can be used as a cleanser, moisturizer, makeup remover and more. A variety of clay masks (pink, red, white, French green and colloidal oat) were created for each skin type, from dry and aging to combination to oily skin. Shoppers with specific concerns like sensitivity or blemishes can select products and kits targeted to their skin’s needs.

LARK Skin Co. Offers a Fresh Take on Beauty Products

After a successful few years of online sales, LARK opened a brick-and-mortar store in Webster Groves in June of 2018. The store’s interior matches the brand’s clean aesthetic—its design was inspired by Dolan’s trips to California. Customers can shop from other natural beauty brands like Mother Mountain Herbals, Province Apothecary and Juniper Ridge.

LARK offers holistic facial treatments at the shop (the first of its kind in St. Louis). Guests can visit the shop’s Ritual Bar for a one-on-one consultation with a holistic esthetician to create a treatment plan for a facial with a custom mask or oil. Add-ons include gua sha, jade rolling, Kansa wand, CBD-infused oil and cupping treatments.

LARK Skin Co. Offers a Fresh Take on Beauty Products

In keeping with its focus on individuals’ comfort in their own skin, LARK launched an initiative called the Campaign for Confidence, which promotes women’s unique stories and celebrates the self-compassion that is sometimes lost in the business of beauty today. The campaign uses real stories from empowered women who are paving the way for generations to come. These can be found on the LARK blog along with the stories of company team members and collaborators, skincare tips, ways to practice holistic self-care and other musings.

Dolan exemplifies an empowered woman, but even she continues to improve her work-life balance. For example, she consults with a coach to add more structure to her business and schedule while honoring time for self-care. Her confidence in the products and concept continues to place LARK at the forefront of the local market—a fitting tribute to her inspirational mother, who passed away in 2016.

Images courtesy of LARK Skin Co.

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