Keith Wyman of the Concrete Pig is an Artist to Watch in Minneapolis

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Part sculptor, part artist and part all-around character, Keith Wyman developed The Concrete Pig about five years ago, when, according to a recent blog post, “Life was simpler … and I had absolutely no idea what the fuck I was doing, or where I was going.” He also later proclaims it a miracle to still have all of his appendages and both eyeballs.

Looking at his work, he is understandably not exaggerating nor attempting to be irreverent. The Concrete Pig studio—or “The Pig Pen,” as he calls it—boasts a hearty array of power tools, ventilation systems, saws, heavy materials and more, which he then crafts into what one could call furniture: there are tables, chairs and other various pieces made out of varying materials, from wood to cement. Wyman instead calls it “functional art,” which is an example of how the artisan blurs the line between art and furniture, the creative and the utilitarian. Perhaps they aren’t mutually exclusive.

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The pig theme has also grown: Wyman also has the stark black outline of a pig tattooed on his left forearm, and an enormous depiction of the exact same pig shape covers an entire wall of his studio. A miniature version is also often emblazoned on his pieces, which would take center stage as the modern design centerpiece in any setting.

The Concrete Pig
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55416

Images courtesy of The Concrete Pig.

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