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Looking to spend a few minutes off the beaten path? The glass-walled Kaldi’s Coffee located in this central-city sculpture park is a natural destination for relaxation. The local coffee brand has perfected the art of matching its coffee houses to their surroundings, and this location is a prime example. During the winter, the space feels cozy, and the coffeehouse awakens, expanding its hours for the weekends and prepping its patio for a steady flow of tourists and families.

For coffee-lovers, the name “Kaldi’s” conjures up a world of specialty brews and carefully sourced ingredients. The company prides itself on relationships with farmers and importers all over the world, and as its food menu has expanded over the past two decades, Kaldi’s has been doing the same with its purveyors of supplies from sausage of potato chips.

At the Citygarden location, the delicious menu is reason enough to visit. But along with the crustless quiche and veggie falafel, there’s the attractive setting: 24 unique pieces of art, 235 trees, 1,170 scrubs, 8,000 bulbs and more than 32,000 square feet of lawn.

800 Chestnut St.
St. Louis, Missouri, 63101

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Graphic design by Karina Tiller.

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