How an Innovative St. Louis Barber Has Become a Sought-After Influencer on Men’s Hair Care

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One man traveled from Seattle; one came from London—another man traveled for more than 15 hours to get to St. Louis from Germany. What drew them to the Midwest city? Local barber Haven Hobbs of Groom Theory Lounge and his nearly 60,000 Instagram followers.

Haven Hobbs_Groom Theory Lounge_St Louis barber 1

Image courtesy of Haven Hobbs.

Haven Hobbs, founder and creator of Groom Theory Lounge, an upscale barbershop in Florissant, is a premier specialist in providing hair-replacement units, commonly dubbed “man weaves.” The barber has been cutting hair for 16 years. Consequently, his desire to stay abreast of the latest innovations in men’s hair care led him to explore the provision of hair-replacement units for men facing undesirable baldness. According to Hobbs, this service is changing the lives of his clients who travel from across the country and around the world just to sit in his chair.

Men’s hair care has been evolving in all kinds of interesting ways. While most coverage on fashion and grooming has tended to focus on women, developments for men have quietly been growing, as well. Men are using more products for hair and beards; they’re also seeking shops that offer a full array of services. As it turns out, Groom Theory Lounge is a full-service salon offering facials, hot-steam shaves, color services, and therapeutic scalp treatments.

Haven Hobbs_Groom Theory Lounge_St Louis barber 2

Image courtesy of Haven Hobbs.

Technology has made it possible for men to research and study potential barbers. They can go online to see what is possible in terms of grooming services. They can interact, with no commitment, with a potential barber, and even hear from a barber’s existing clients.

Hobbs has amassed a huge following simply by displaying what he does. The thousands following him on Instagram alone check in daily for style inspiration and to stay in the know on what’s available in the men’s hair industry. Hobbs said, “I’m able to show the true meaning of my brand through pictures and videos.”

Historically, men have sat in barbershops and waited hours to receive haircuts. At Groom Theory Lounge, clients are seen by appointments. The Groom Theory Lounge App gives clients easy access to available services and the ability to set their own appointments.

Haven Hobbs_Groom Theory Lounge_St Louis barber 3

Image courtesy of Haven Hobbs.

Hobbs is a barber, but he also sees himself as an educator. A few times a month, he travels across the country to teach classes on the newest techniques in men’s hair care. He also offers classes and events locally; for instance, he recently co-hosted The Triple Threat course, which trained attendees to provide non-surgical hair-loss replacements.

“In order to grow,” Hobbs said, “I have to share. I never wanted to be that guy who keeps everything to myself.”

On March 18, Hobbs opened a new location in the St. Charles area after realizing that there weren’t many barbershops that included his specific types of services in the area despite a huge demand for them. He now splits his time between the two shops as the new one becomes more established.

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