A Combination of All Things Good: Cats, Coffee and a Relaxing Environment at Maplewood’s Mauhaus Cat Café

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Any cat owner knows the pleasure of curling up with a good book, your furry friend in a warm circle on your lap. Most cat owners also know what it’s like to have a crazed kitten romp across your laptop as you struggle to meet a deadline, but that’s what iCloud backups are for. At one Maplewood business, you can experience both kinds of fun—and grab a great cup of coffee while you’re at it.

Mauhaus Cat Café & Lounge is St. Louis‘ answer to the shelter kitties + coffee concept that was popularized in Japan over the last two decades. Through a partnership with Stray Haven Rescue (and with the help of a health-department-friendly foyer between the café and the feline lounge—yes, you do have to sign a waiver that states you’re snuggling at your own risk), visitors can enjoy a rotating menu of scrumptious baked goods, alongside an adorable cast of cats and kittens. Think pastel-tone macaroons and cupcakes and crafty calicos with names such as Malala and Callelou.

Grab a Good Cat and a Good Cup of Coffee at Maplewood's Mauhaus Café

There’s a minimum purchase amount, or a $10 fee, to take your Mauhaus matcha latte into the kitten room, but no trip to the eatery is complete without at least a peek inside. Their habitat is fully tricked out with a ceiling-spanning catwalk, ramps, towers and scratching posts, along with boatloads of toys and humans eager to pet them.

Since we are talking about cats, some of the residents can be a little standoffish—and Mauhaus has a strict don’t-pick-up-the-pets policy in order to keep the animals calm and comfortable—but if you’re willing to sit back and observe playtime for awhile, a feline or two will likely wander up and purr hello.

The best part? If you’re looking to adopt, nearly every cat you meet can come home with you; Mauhaus has found homes for more than 250 animals since it first opened. The only exceptions are Lorelai and Taylor, the two playful personalities who will be there to welcome you every time.

As you can imagine with a concept this cute, reservations are highly recommended. Visit the website for more details.

Images courtesy of Carmen Troesser.

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