Real STL Spaces: Going Green In Downtown St. Charles

 In Style

An ode to the great outdoors inspires the home decor of artist/homebody Ellen Robb-DeVoss and chemical engineer David DeVoss.

Photos by Alex Isbell.


How would you describe the decor in your home?
Eclectic with a vintage outdoorsy twist. We have plants on almost every surface in the house.

What was your inspiration behind your decor and home organization?
Finding ways to combine function with comfort and beauty. We’ve tried to make sure that most of the stuff in our home has a place and a purpose. I love when they go hand in hand.


IMG_5258 IMG_5231

What are some of your favorite places to purchase home decor items?
The best place to shop is my mother’s garage. She is the queen of garage sales. My second choice is antique malls or if I’m feeling ritzy, I’ll go to West Elm.

What is your favorite part of your home and why?
My favorite part of the house is the living room. It’s so light and airy in there. After we got settled in the apartment, I made a space with two chairs and my record player that’s perfect to chill out in.

Do you have a favorite individual piece of furniture, decor or art? Why is it so special?
My favorite piece is my kitchen table. It was my father’s table in college and he had painted it this dingy green color. It took me weeks to strip it and then refinish it. I love that I had to work on it and that it has a little bit of family history.

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