‘Flow by Novel: Mindfulness + Movement + Meaningful Connection’

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Getting into flow—that space where creative ideas are flowing easily, making it easier to write, problem-solve and create—is sometimes not a matter of speeding up, but of slowing down.

During St. Louis Design Week Sept. 30-Oct. 5, local creatives will gather in coworking spaces, studios, restaurants, shops and craft breweries around the theme of “Unity by Design.” There will be much socializing, mingling, brainstorming and collaboration. And then everyone will depart again for their own computers and office spaces, where they will try to recapture the energy and apply it to their work.

That’s where this interactive workshop comes in: “Flow by Novel: Mindfulness + Movement + Meaningful Connection” gives participants tools they can use at work or home to enhance their creative flow. Co-facilitated by Novel co-founder Elizabeth Tucker and artist Brea Youngblood, the workshop will help creatives increase their ideas and output, be more present to themselves and others and improve their ability to collaborate.

‘Flow by Novel: Mindfulness + Movement + Meaningful Connection’

The workshop features “a combination of meditation, yoga, breathwork, movement therapy and conscious connection tools that I’ve collected over the last 14-plus years in my pursuit to live a fulfilling creative life,” says Tucker, who publishes ALIVE and Guided magazines in addition to heading operations at the Novel creative agency. “They are tools that will bring people into the present moment, clear their mind, be curious and playful, connect and collaborate with people in their lives—and all of these are essential in the creative process.”

Join Tucker and Youngblood for “Flow by Novel: Mindfulness + Movement + Meaningful Connection” on Friday, Oct. 4, from 8:30-10 a.m. at Brennan’s Work & Leisure in Midtown as part of St. Louis Design Week. Tickets are free, but space is limited, so participants are encouraged to register in advance.

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