Earthbound Beer and iLLPHONiCS Collaborate on New Purple Beer

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St. Louis hip-hop group iLLPHONiCS has teamed up with the South City brew masters at Earthbound Beer in a collaboration they are calling “wizard beer.” The outcome is iLLiXiR: a 4.5% crisp blonde ale made with blueberries, creating a gorgeous purple body symbolic of the iLLPHONiCS album “Purple Piano Society.”

“The name and the color of the beer allude to the mythology we started with our album, and even more specifically, the song ‘Merlin,’” says Kevin Koehler, one of the five founding members of iLLPHONiCS. “It’s really exciting to have a new way to connect not only with our fans but the whole community in a fun way.”

“We’re super into wizardry and rap, so this was an awesome opportunity for us,” said Stuart Keating, who co-founded Earthbound Beer. “Also, we didn’t have to do shots of Provel-infused vodka, like the time we taught Panic! At the Disco how to brew beer. That’s a plus.”

iLLPHONiCS has released over a decade’s worth of groundbreaking hip-hop, which caught the attention of producer Tony Visconti (David Bowie, T. Rex). Now, the group is turning heads with innovative ways to collaborate with the community and grow their trademark. Says vocalist Larry Morris, “We as a band are excited to expand our name to items beyond music, and this is a huge first step in that process.”

iLLiXir represents a new phase of development for both Earthbound and iLLPHONiCS, while it celebrates St. Louis and the impeccable art scene here. “One thing we love about STL is how active and collaborative the DIY art and music scene is. St.Louis is lucky to have iLLPHONiCS,” says Keating.

Music fans and beer afficionados can all try the magical brew at a release party on Friday, Sept. 6, at the Earthbound taproom on Cherokee Street, complete with an iLLPHONiCS DJ set.

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