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Planning the perfect event can rely on many factors—most important perhaps is the ambiance. The mood an event space creates can make or break a party, and with the added stress of all that goes into party planning, searching for that perfect space can be daunting. Enter Nathalie’s, an elegant farm-to-table space tucked neatly into the Central West End, between Forest Park and Grand Center. Nathalie’s has long been known for a luxuriously romantic restaurant setting, but you may be surprised to know that they also boast an impressive array of options for events.

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If it’s an elevated party atmosphere you’re seeking, reserve the restaurant’s top floor space for a wildly fun evening. Add a performance by a local musician or a burlesque show, and your guests won’t soon forget it. If you want elegance and sophistication to define your event, reserve the wine room for a leisurely evening of indulging with your group. Take advantage of the lush patio right off the bar for a smaller group or an after-dinner meeting. If it’s a holiday party you’re planning and the coziness of your own home is paramount, event catering and special orders are always available through Nathalie’s passionate kitchen staff.



Nathalie’s is more than your average farm-to-table establishment. While being environmentally friendly and choosing like-minded purveyors when needed, nearly everything Nathalie’s prepares comes from Overlook Farm. Overlook utilizes Missouri’s unique growing seasons to responsibly plan produce that is successful in our area. This dedicated mission has produced five greenhouses, 26 hoop houses and 327 acres of Missouri farm land. Nathalie’s also serves meat—including grass-fed Angus beef, Heritage Red Wattle pork and farm-raised tilapia—raised at Overlook Farm.



Whether your guests appreciate sustainability and elegance or simply want to unwind at St. Louis’ premier absinthe bar (did we mention Nathalie’s boasts the largest offering of absinthe in St. Louis?), there are a variety of options that can contribute to the perfect mood for your next event.

4356 Lindell Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63108
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