Whiskey and Bourbon Picks from Clayton’s Sip Series

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There’s a definite art to pairing foods with whiskey and bourbon. The full-bodied spirits’ high alcohol content and spiciness lend themselves well to rich, flavorful dishes from salmon to cheese to dark chocolate.

The chefs from the Seven Gables Inn bistro, SEVEN, were all set to partner with the staff of The Wine Merchant in Clayton to explore three delicious food pairings with whiskey and bourbon at the City of Clayton’s Sip Series on April 20—until the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders came along.

The three bourbons on the menu were all selected by The Wine Merchant’s staff during tastings at the distilleries in Kentucky, making this a rare opportunity to sample three top barrels from Four Roses, Buffalo Trace and Heaven Hill.

Here’s the good news: The Wine Merchant has the three spirits in stock and can fill your orders over the phone at 314.863.6282 or via email at merchpa@gmail.com. They’ll bring the order out to your car or deliver it to your home.

Four Roses Barrel-Strength Single Barrel Bourbon, The Wine Merchant Edition
A description from the tasting notes the staff made while at the distillery: “Deep amber color. A nose of caramel and a bit of dark fruits. Very aromatic, with rye bread hiding in the background. With some water, the subtle spices come out and some bruised fruit as well. Rich and full bodied and very mouth coating. Explosive vanilla flavors with a syrupy quality allow the honey and spice flavors to sit on the mid palate. Just the right amount of fruit. With water the dry fruity flavors sing. It’s still rich but a bit more refined in the different flavors. This is very honey-driven and rich but it still is long on the finish. A perfect barrel.”

Buffalo Trace Single Barrel, The Wine Merchant Edition
“The nose offers strong honey with undertones of maple syrup and vanilla bean. Upon sipping you’re greeted by ripe peach, candied date and maple candy.  The fruity sweet palate gives way to long and dry finish. The relatively low proof leaves the palate clear so that the sweetness of this bourbon really pops. A fantastic dram.”

Larceny Single Barrel Selection, The Wine Merchant Edition
“Caramel dipped apple on the nose. The palate gives way to burnt citrus, brown sugar and vanilla cake. A long spiced oak finish rounds out this wheater quite nicely.”

While you’ll have to taste these phenomenal bourbons in your own backyard rather than experiencing the charm of the Seven Gables Inn outdoor courtyard in downtown Clayton, be sure to visit when the SEVEN restaurant re-opens. The European-style property—which is on the National Register of Historic Places—just completed a stunning 18-month, $9.5 million renovation project.

[Editor’s note: To make it easier to support local businesses during the COVID-19 restrictions, the City of Clayton is blocking off one parking spot in front of each business for curbside pick-up orders. To learn more, and for updates on future Sip Series events in July and October, please visit the city’s website.]

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Featured image courtesy of Dylan de Jonge.

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