Calling All Adventurous Spirits: The Missouri Spirits Expedition Trail is Now Open

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You’ve been to the Anheuser-Busch St. Louis Brewery so many times you’ve made friends with the Budweiser Clydesdales. You’ve popped in and out of breweries during IndiHop and taken the train to Hermann to check out the wineries and cool down in their stone cellars. However, even the most intrepid drinker may not have gotten to know Missouri’s other drink scene: The state’s marvelous collection of craft distilleries.

If that describes you, then it’s time to hit the trail.

Last month, the Missouri Craft Distillers Guild launched the Missouri Spirits Expedition, a state-wide trail that leads to the best liquors Missouri has to offer. Well, “trail” might not be the right word; spanning 33 distilleries from St. Louis and Kansas City to the bootheel and just about everywhere in between, there’s no straight path to follow if you want to have the full-on spiritual experience. And those who do manage to make their way to every tasting room (and get their Expedition log stamped) will be rewarded with an exclusive bottle of Missouri Spirits Expedition bourbon whiskey—and yes, doing the entire trail is the only way to get your hands on it.

If you can’t commit to quite that much imbibing, there are prizes for securing 10 and 20 stamps, too, making any day at the distillery well-spent.

Besides giving you a tour of the Show-Me state and a great story to tell, the trail opens doors to less explored corners of the world of spirits. Have you ever tried Applejack? What about Starka? Maybe you want to see if you can really tell the difference between whiskey aged in a brandy barrel and one aged in white oak. Now’s your chance to test your liquor knowledge, and maybe learn a thing or two more along the way.

“We have the best American Oak in the world, we have the best grain in the country and we make some of the most award-winning spirits in the nation, all right here in Missouri,” says David Weglarz, president of the Missouri Craft Distillers Guild.

Stop by the participating distillery nearest you to pick up a log and start your expedition. See the Missouri Craft Distillers Guild website for a full list.

Featured image courtesy of Dylan de Jonge.

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