Bruno David Gallery Moves To Clayton, Features More Space For Artists

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“It came as a complete surprise,” Bruno David says as we discuss his namesake gallery closing due to safety issues.

It was only weeks before that the Bruno David Gallery was preparing to open its 11th season with new exhibitions that he was forced to put everything on hold with the unexpected news. After viewing 17 spaces in the St. Louis area and trying his hardest to remain in Grand Center, Bruno David has officially relocated his gallery to Downtown Clayton – a promising space that will open on Nov. 10.

David had called Grand Center home since 2005, neighboring with other arts organizations such as Pulitzer Arts Foundation and Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis. Because he had already planned his exhibition season, David had to move quickly on finding a new location. “I have a responsibility to the artists,” he says. Thus he chose a space that could be renovated quickly so the artists’ works could go up as soon as possible.

The new Bruno David Gallery, located at 7513 Forsyth, is larger than its previous location, allowing room for the gallery to exhibit more artists. David has designed the gallery to showcase four to five shows at once, and he’s already off to an impressive start. On opening night, attendees will be able to view five shows by artists Khalil Irving, Chris Kahler, Michael Jantzen, Ann Wimsatt, Sarah Harford and Van McElwee.

“There’s so much talent in St. Louis,” David says. “Just showing one to two isn’t enough.”

In keeping tradition alive, the gallery space also includes a video room, which David says he has been featuring in his galleries for more than 30 years.

Although he said the relocation is “bittersweet,” he confirms that everything has worked out perfectly and that fans of the gallery shouldn’t expect any major changes – just a new coat of paint and a bigger space. “I think people know me and know the gallery,” he says. “I hope they still come.”

The opening reception will take place 5-10 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 10, at 7513 Forsyth Blvd. Featured photo courtesy of Bruno David Gallery via Facebook.

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