Brennan’s Work & Leisure to Bring a Little Play to Midtown

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Your favorite restaurant might be the place that makes your favorite plate—or it might be the place where you cook up the next phase of your career.

Restaurateur Kevin Brennan has always known just how quickly a neighborhood bar can morph into a makeshift incubator for neighborhood businesses. His flagship Central West End location, Brennan’s (4659 Maryland Avenue, 314-361-9444), has grown from a street-level bottle shop to a multi-level community hub where St. Louisans gather to drink, deal, and even get in a round of pingpong. But when Brennan’s added a co-working and event space, the BHIVE, in 2015, to their offerings, people really started to swarm.

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With demand growing for every single one of BHIVE’s 3,000 square feet, Brennan’s is branching out. And for their second location, they’re putting work before play—but just a bit. Brennan’s Work & Leisure (3015 Locust Street) will transform a former auto-warehouse into a sleek and expansive Midtown workspace, with a front-facing grab-and-go cafe for members and the public to take a break and grab a bite. Expect salads, snacks and good coffee, and, as night falls, a pivot to the cocktails and small plates that put the original Brennan’s on the map. It’s a welcome addition to a stretch of Midtown that’s already home to staples like Small Batch and The Fountain of Locust, as well as a burgeoning design and marketing community that’s hungry to connect in a dynamic neighborhood hub.

Word is mum on when Brennan’s Work & Leisure will open its doors—the sledgehammers are swinging as we speak—but if you’re interested in joining the mailing list, email today to get in on the ground floor.  

Photography of Kevin Brennan by Attilio D’Agostino for ALIVE Magazine.

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