Blueprint Coffee Keeps Good Community and Good Coffee at the Heart of Its Mission

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Since first bursting onto St. Louis’ food and restaurant scene more than five years ago, Blueprint Coffee has established itself as a leader in local coffeemaking. With knowledgeable baristas who are both informative and approachable, the coffee shop’s popularity has grown exponentially in recent years. It’s not uncommon to walk in and find all the tables occupied or find a (fast-moving) line at the register. In fact, the owners just opened a second location this year—their first in South City—nestled in the Lindenwood Park neighborhood just off Watson Road.

Still, with its prime location in The Delmar Loop, Blueprint’s original shop is a regular home for nearby residents, local coffee aficionados, a consistent flood of college students during the academic year and families looking for an inviting lunch spot with quality food and drink offerings. Blueprint’s signature mixture of metal, wood, and cyan-colored accents, alongside their telltale Erlenmeyer flask coffee containers make for a one-of-a-kind dining setting.

To many St. Louisans, it’s common knowledge that the city’s coffee-brewing community is just as craft-driven and expertly made as our nationally recognized beer scene. Blueprint Coffee has developed into a signature staple of that craft-driven coffee community, gaining a mention in Food & Wine’s article, “The Best Coffee in Every State,” and being the Missouri selection for Architecture Digest’s article, “The Most Beautiful Coffee Shop in Every State in America.” The shop sources its coffee from some of the most in-demand locations in the world, including Ethiopia, Colombia and Rwanda. And as a result, their specially sourced coffee grounds can be found at a growing list of coffee shops and eateries across the St. Louis region.

But despite the noticeably high-end nature of Blueprint’s selection, the brand goes out of its way to provide a neighborly, community-centered feel. Alongside specialty coffee, genuine relationships lie at the core of Blueprint Coffee’s mission. From its regular customers, engaged and committed team of baristas, and long-term relationships with their coffee farmers abroad, Blueprint makes it a point to care about people—from who’s farming the coffee to who’s enjoying a cup at one of the glass-covered, cyan-painted tabletops.

Both of Blueprint’s locations host coffee-tasting events, commonly known as “cupping” in the coffee industry, where participants are invited to taste, smell and learn about the variations in the store’s offerings and new coffees that haven’t hit their shelves yet.

The shop has also expanded its non-coffee offerings quite a bit in recent years, expanding to include a range of specialty teas, breakfast and lunch eateries, a range of high-quality coffee makers and other appliances and accessories, and a smattering of Blueprint Coffee merch that includes hoodies, tote bags and, of course, coffee mugs.

Featured image courtesy of Carmen Troesser.

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