At St. Louis’ twigs & MOSS, a Greenery Wonderland Awaits

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The makeshift Blues logo built out of birchwood branches and expertly perched in twigs & MOSS’ window display captures its vibe perfectly. Equal parts classy and quirky, the store is known for its gorgeous botanical arrangements and personable style. While the winter holiday season is certainly their busiest period, the business still maintains a steady series of clients throughout the year.

Despite being in a relatively small storefront, the store packs a diversity of offerings. There are the expected variety of plants and foliage—two stacks of cubed shelving on the right wall are filled with long-stemmed bunches of flowers in springtime colors like yellow, fuchsia and strawberry red; a row of pre-planted orchids in several colors sit along a table on the far left corner; their ever-popular wire and twig decorative orbs hang in clusters along the ceiling and float at eye-level throughout the space. The effect is somewhere between a plant-infused wonderland and the delightfully festive greenery section of a craft store.

But part of the easy charm of twigs & MOSS is in its assortment of non-plant offerings, including an extensive collection of glossy coffee-table books, shining planters of different sizes and a small collection of antiques and unique knick-knacks. Along the room’s back wall, two full bookshelves showcase the work of St. Louis-based company Say It With Book Covers. Nearby, a row of candles from New York-based LAFCO are displayed in multiple fragrances. And opposite the register, several mini stationery pieces and canvas planter sacks designed by Georgia-based company Sugarboo & Co. are arranged on a wooden table, offering brief, minimalist bits of encouragement. All good things are wild & free is written across one planter sack, and Keep blooming beautiful one is printed across the front of another.

Behind the counter, an employee is trimming one of twigs & MOSS’ highest-selling products, their circular wood and wire orbs, often accented with a string of lights for a more magical effect. It’s easy to imagine them above hors d’oeuvres at a gala event or adding whimsy to a backyard summer gathering. These hanging spheres are the key to the storefront’s otherworldly feel, ensuring bursts of greenery and foliage are visible from every viewpoint in the story.

And along nearly every surface and wall, the business’s longtime owner, Resito Pecson, frequently expresses his creativity, rearranging planters and designing original displays that might change depending on his inspiration and impulse. It keeps the store lively and dynamic, as full of possibilities as the arrangements themselves.

Images courtesy of Carmen Troesser.


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