A St. Louis Talk Podcast with a Foodie Spin Launches Today

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“It’s really just a dinner party,” says Eric “E” Heckman in the first episode of “You, Me and E,” his new video series and podcast that brings St. Louis notables to the dinner table for enlivening conversation. A culinary spin on the usual talk radio format podcast, “You, Me and E” aims to  put guests in the mood for discussion with good food. A glass of sake doesn’t hurt, either.

The series is recorded in Clayton’s Tani Sushi Bistro, which Heckman owns with his wife, chef Jenny Heckman. While co-host Matt Whitener steers the conversation, Heckman and “You, Me and E” guests share Asian fusion dishes from Tani Sushi’s menu. Talk, naturally, lingers on the food and culinary topics, but it also veers into subjects ranging from business and philanthropy to arts and entertainment.

Episode one features decked-out sushi rolls, Springfield-style cashew chicken and an all-male line up of guests: Doug Pitt, a philanthropist, technology investor and founder of domestic charity Care To Learn; Donn Sorensen, executive vice president of Mercy Health; and Orlando Pace, an entrepreneur and former St. Louis Rams offensive tackle.

A St. Louis Talk Podcast with a Foodie Spin Launches Today

Doug Pitt, Orlando Pace, Matt Whitener, Donn Sorensen and Eric Heckman. Image courtesy of “You, Me and E.”

Heckman and Whitener keep the tone jovial to start. As though you’re listening in on a dinner party of close friends, there’s much ribbing and joking around. But after the sushi is served and eaten (chewing noises are wisely edited out), the talk soon steers into substantial topics. The group discusses principles of leadership and Sorensen’s newest book, “Big-Hearted Leadership: Five Keys to Create Success Through Compassion,” and Pitt and Sorensen talk about inequity in St. Louis and Care To Learn’s efforts to meet young students’ health, hunger and hygiene needs. The conversation gets light again when the Whitener asks Pitt, who happens to be the brother of actor Brad Pitt, what life is like as the “second most famous Pitt.”

“You, Me and E” is positioned to be a worthwhile listen for those interested in the St. Louis business, philanthropic and culinary scenes. The once-a-month series launches today, May 29, on various sites—including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music and YouTube—and online at www.tanisushi.com.

Featured image courtesy of Tani Sushi.

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