A St. Louis Luxury Stationery Designer on a Mission to Empower Women

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St. Louis-based artist, designer and stationer Jennifer Ann Brodsky’s eye for artful, luxurious custom designs eventually led to the development of her own company, Jennifer Ann Designs.

With a background in education and counseling—which even included six months working with students abroad in Belize—Brodsky took the leap into a design career, beginning with luxury stationery, which afforded her the opportunity to work with rich colors and fine materials. You’ll find gold embossing, Swarovski crystals, international fabric and materials from all over the world on her stationery and card designs, plus the designer’s signature hand-painted touches.

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Brodsky also offers a range of services apart from custom stationery and cards, like a cohesive “brand campaign” for special events that can be worked on to nearly any flat surface. Think invitations, table numbers, menus and more. Brodsky also developed her own nonprofit educational program called Be Amazing! Be You!, which teaches young high-school-aged women to invent and develop their own personal “brand” while working with stationery and cards. The combination brings together two of the designer’s deeply held passions: design and working with kids, for a shining example of how entrepreneurship can be meaningfully intertwined with community.

Jennifer Ann Designs
St. Louis, Missouri

All images courtesy of Jennifer Ann Designs.

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