A Poem By Jennifer Goldring

 In ALIVE, Poetry

I could not stop thinking

so I listened to French opera
uncorked a bottle of Tikal Malbec
washed the dishes and left my hands wet
fed the dog again and he did not eat
so I sliced apples and at the slivers
with an English cheddar
stripped naked and looked
at my form in the mirror
took a shower and the mirror fogged
so I used my finger to trace my figure
sleep was out of reach, I recited Roethke
I made up stories about you in California
I thought about your wrists
the thick bone and blue-green veins
on the smooth underside
I considered your hands
and the last time they touched me
the phone never rang
and I checked the connection


Jennifer Goldring is a writer, photographer and editor in St. Louis. She has an MFA in creative writing and a BA in economics. When she isn’t writing, taking photos, or hanging out with her two children she is Managing Editor for december magazine. Her poetry can be found in Architrave, Tar River Poetry and other publications. Her photography can be found at Juniper Tree Studio.

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