A Minimal Bohemian Bungalow In Dogtown

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Fable + Lore jewelry designer Chelsie Hellige, tech savvy hubby Ek and fluffy shepherd mix Sputnik call a cozy and minimal bohemian bungalow in Dogtown home.

Photos submitted by Chelsie Hellige.

How would you describe the decor in your home?

Our decor has a really warm, modern, bohemian vibe, but it’s also relatively minimal. We have lots of plants and natural textures and vintage pieces that make the space feel happy and relaxed, though I like to keep it tightly edited because I don’t like too much “stuff.” We choose every piece really mindfully and don’t feel the need to fill every single wall and corner.

What was your inspiration behind your decor and home organization?
Traveling definitely helps inform our decor choices. I really like to take design cues from shops and restaurants in other cities, those places you visit and you’re like, “Can I live here?” I love trying to identify how a particular vibe was constructed and bring it back if I can. I also like to DIY a lot of stuff, and admittedly spend way too much time on the internet.


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What are some of your favorite places to purchase home decor items?
I’ve found some of the best stuff from local antique malls and vintage shops—particularly Green Shag Market, Treasure Aisles, and Parsimonia Vintage. Also Flowers and Weeds on Cherokee. Let’s be real—about half of my decor is plant life.

What is your favorite part of your home and why?
Maybe our living room. It was the room that came together the most naturally and just feels right. It also gets the most delicious golden light in the afternoons, which doesn’t hurt. And we spend the most time together there. We usually just eat dinner sitting on the floor while watching Netflix—it’s a good place to be.

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Do you have a favorite individual piece of furniture, decor or art? Why is it so special?
That’s a hard one. I actually found a painting of my dad at an antique mall once, so that’s definitely a priceless favorite—although I haven’t figured out where to hang it yet! I also really love the vintage Southwestern wall hanging in our living room. It’s woven and has all this glorious fringe on it—you can’t beat it. It brings the whole room together.

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