A Family Tree Grows in Old Orchard: the Duo Behind the Frisco Barroom

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Most entrepreneurs think of their business as their baby. But for others, it’s a little more like a marriage.

That’s the case for the husband-wife duo behind Webster’s new hotspot, the Frisco Barroom (8110 Big Bend). Kelley Hall-Barr and John Barr spent their honeymoon years building Hall-Barr’s eponymously named K. Hall Designs, an international personal-care-and-home-fragrance company which they sold in 2015. The next chapter of their journey took them to the heart of Webster Groves’ Old Orchard neighborhood, where Hall dreamed of opening a flower shop—but, ever ambitious, the couple ended up opening the popular lifestyle store Civil Alchemy instead (it does have a build your own bouquet station in the front). Now, a few more years down the road, John Barr’s building the Barroom he’s always dreamed of, just down the street from the store—and Hall is right there with him every step of the way.

Frisco ALIVE

This is truly a family affair. From a menu that echoes Hall-Barr’s childhood in Northern Michigan (think mom’s pierogi recipe and a seriously delicious poutine), to the milk-glass pendants that Barr hung by hand himself, the space is as personal and welcoming as a family home—especially if that family has two ultra-fashionable parents at the head of the table.

But it’s their efforts to reflect the personality not just of their family, but of the surrounding Old Orchard neighborhood that really make Frisco special. The name is a nod to the Frisco railroad that used to run through the region; they’ve even lined the patio walls with the same type of fruit trees that used to line the tracks, and if the restaurant becomes a neighborhood fixture, they expect them to grow to cover the walls as the years go by.

Frisco Barroom

Based on the early enthusiasm from the neighborhood, those trees stand a good chance. Frisco isn’t yet accepting reservations, so you can expect a lengthy wait on nights and weekends. But you can also expect something special: a stylish dining experience that’s still every bit as comfortable as the person you love most.

All photos courtesy of Frisco Barroom.

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