7 Printing Press Shops Where a Historic Invention Fuels Modern Creativity

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A revered art form among modern-day creatives, the printing press is a historic invention used to apply ink to any given medium. The imagery created is a product of skill, time, dedication, knowledge and pure creativity at its best.

1. Evil Prints
Created by visual artist Tom Huck, Evil Prints is a local press in Downtown St. Louis. Known best for his large-scale woodcuts, his imagery draws from a unique collection of German, French and Mexican printmakers and cartoonists. Huck’s prints are included in a variety of renowned public and private collections.

7 Printing Press Shops Where a Historic Invention Fuels Modern Creativity

Image courtesy of Evil Prints.

2. Pele Prints
Located in the Mt. Pleasant area, Pele Prints is a collaborative printmaking studio dedicated to creating pieces of truly unique fine art. Artists are encouraged to work freely and use multiple print processes as a starting point, sometimes tapping skills such as three-dimensional work, collage, handwork and more. The studio also offers selective print publishing and printmaking instruction.

3. Firecracker
Open since 2002 on Cherokee Street, Firecracker Press creates dynamic, colorful cards, posters, prints, business cards, stationery and more. The letterpress design studio combines antique printing machines with contemporary artwork to produce innovative and eye-catching prints.

7 Printing Press Shops Where a Historic Invention Fuels Modern Creativity

Image courtesy of Firecracker Press.

4. Central Print
Located in a quaint corner store in Old North, Central Print is a nonprofit arts organization that works to preserve, promote and modernize the art of letterpress printmaking. The shop offers workshops, classes and programs that demonstrate design and production using historic printing equipment. Central Print hosts a variety of programs including free Saturday printmaking activities during the community farmers’ market and other events throughout the year.

5. Wildwood Press
Founded in 1996 by publisher and master printer Maryanne Ellison Simmons, Wildwood Press is a warm and inviting space for contemporary artists to hone their craft. The studio is known best for its custom paper-making and beautiful etching press. Simmons invites a select few artists to work at the studio each year and highlights their inventive images.

6. West Park Creative
The founder of West Park Creative finds joy in providing the perfect message for someone in St. Louis. Bill Bubenik makes custom greeting cards, wedding invitations, keychains, buttons, pins and more using a detailed letterpress process. Bubenik sells his art wholesale on Etsy and is always willing to work on a special project.

7. Westminster Press
Tucker Pierce, a graduate of Washington University’s printmaking program, runs Westminster Press on Cherokee Street along with business partner Nicholas Curry. The shop functions under many titles: as an art gallery, consignment shop and printmaking studio, to name a few. The duo is dedicated to highlighting work by artists of marginalized identities, including women, members of the LGBTQ  community and people of color.

Featured image courtesy of Pele Prints.

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