30 Restaurant Patios Open Out-of-Season

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There’s something magical about St. Louis when the sun comes out and the temperatures rise. We want you to be prepared to soak in that electric feel of the city in springtime weather, so here’s a list of 30 restaurants that will open their patios on unseasonably nice days.

Sanctuaria's patio, photo by Jennifer Silverberg

Sanctuaria’s patio, photo by Jennifer Silverberg

1/ Sugarfire Smoke House
Enjoy award-winning BBQ on the patio that acts as Sugarfire’s front yard.
9200 Olive Blvd., Olivette

2/ Schlafly Bottleworks
Schlafly’s patio is covered and heated yearround, but during nice weather you’ll also get table service.
7260 Southwest Ave., Maplewood

3/ The Libertine
The Libertine’s sidewalk patio is perfect for people-watching.
7927 Forsyth Blvd., Clayton

3/ BARcelona
BARcelona’s outdoor seating lines the front of the restaurant and a simple fence separates the tables from the street, making the sidewalk feel more like a patio. Nestled in the heart of Clayton, the patio makes for lively dining day or night.
34 N Central Ave., Clayton

4/ Winslow’s Home
Winslow’s Home’s well-lit patio features two-seater benches and small trees growing in garden boxes on each side. Situated in front of the restaurant, dining on the patio truly feels like dining at a host’s home.
7213 Delmar Blvd., University City

5/ Salt + Smoke
Eat BBQ, drink beer and relax in the midst of the bustle of The Loop.
6525 Delmar Blvd., University City

6/ The Boathouse
If it’s above 60 degrees, enjoy your meal right on the edge of Post-Dispatch Lake. Skip dessert and rent a boat to soak in the rare warm weather in the middle of the water.
6101 Government Drive, Forest Park

7/ Dressel’s Public House
The patio at Dressel’s Public House offers a fenced-off space with plenty of seating in a high foot-traffic neighborhood. Perfect for people-watching.
419 N Euclid, Central West End

8/ Bar Italia
Bar Italia’s patio offers a gorgeous view of The Chase Park Plaza with lights strung along low-hanging trees.
13 Maryland Plaza, Central West End

9/ The Block CWE
The Block’s brick patio offers privacy as well as seating on both a lower level and a more secluded deck area. They grow rosemary, mint and other herbs in garden boxes lining the space. At night, the patio glows under string lights and lit torches.
33 N Sarah St., Central West End

10/ The Scottish Arms
The patio at The Scottish Arms feels both casual and romantic. Their tables feature spin-able centers that make it easy to share, and there’s a bonfire for chilly nights.
6 S Sarah St., Central West End

11/ Broadway Oyster Bar
The patio at Broadway Oyster Bar is covered, heated and open year-round.
736 S Broadway, Downtown

12/ Three Sixty
The best view of the city can be found on Three Sixty’s rooftop patio. The bar will be closed until patio season, but you’ll be able to get table service in unseasonable weather.
1 S Broadway, Downtown

13/ Gio’s Ristorante and Bar
Take in a beautiful view of The Arch with your Italian cuisine.
701 Market St., Downtown

14/ Square One Brewery & Distillery
Square One’s fenced-in patio makes you feel like you’re sitting in your own backyard sipping on delicious homemade brews and spirits.
1727 Park Ave., Lafayette Square

15/ McGurk’s
The garden patio at McGurk’s is one of the best in the city. The seating surrounds a gorgeous fountain, and a waterfall and pond make it feel like a park rather than a restaurant.
1200 Russell Blvd., Soulard

16/ Benton Park Cafe
Sit on the sidewalk patio with breakfast for dinner and a fresh brewed coffee.
1900 Arsenal St., Benton Park

17/ The Mud House
The tree-lined and vine-covered patio at The Mud House stays open all year-round for those of us who want to pretend the weather is still nice even when it’s back down to winter temps.
2101 Cherokee St., Gravois Park

18/ The Shaved Duck
The Shaved Duck has outdoor seating at all times “just in case the weather is sweet.”
2900 Virginia Ave., Tower Grove

19/ Three Monkeys
Take in the comfortable Tower Grove neighborhood from the sidewalk patio at Three Monkeys.
3153 Morganford Road, Tower Grove

20/ Olio
Olio has a small and adorable gravel-laid patio on the side of the restaurant.
1634 Tower Grove Ave., Tower Grove

21/ The Royale
If the temperature reaches 60 degrees or above, you can get table service on the patio at your favorite corner bar.
3132 Kingshighway Blvd., Tower Grove

22/ Five Bistro
Eat fresh, local and seasonal food on Five Bistro’s patio that seats up to 30 guests.
5100 Daggett Ave., The Hill

23/ Amigo Joe’s
The Hill’s Mexican restaurant opens its colorful patio seating in exceptionally nice weather.
5901 Southwest Ave., The Hill

24/ Aya Sofia
Aya Sofia opens its garden-lined patio to serve Turkish cuisine in unseasonable weather.
6671 Chippewa St., St. Louis Hills

25/ Onesto Pizza and Trattoria
There’s almost nothing better than pizza and beer alfresco.
5401 Finkman St., Southampton

26/ Sasha’s on Shaw
Sasha’s keeps its spacious patio open year-round. If the temperature drops at night, expect a bonfire to keep it cozy.
4069 Shaw Blvd., Shaw

27/ Layla
The tables on Layla’s personal sidewalk cafe are always set up and ready for you to eat burgers and drink beer.
4317 Manchester Ave., The Grove

28/ Handlebar
You can get your Russian lunch served outside surrounded by mindful graffiti.
4127 Manchester Ave., The Grove

29/ Atomic Cowboy
Atomic Cowboy’s patio is one of the best. Walled off with bamboo and boasting a large stage for live music, it feels almost like a miniature festival space.
4140 Manchester Ave., The Grove

30/ Sanctuaria
Eat tapas and drink expertly crafted cocktails next to a gorgeous 19th century conservatory used for their mixology program.
4198 Manchester Ave., The Grove

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