14 Must-Visit Vintage And Resale Shops In St. Louis

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Thrifting may require a bit more of a curatorial eye than stepping into a department store, but the rewards (particularly for your wallet) are worth it. St. Louis‘ neighborhoods of character are full of eclectic vintage fashion and furniture finds. Take a look at our roundup of resale spots we love, where we’ve found pieces that last beyond their past life and accentuate their new one.

Parsimonia Vintage Store
Find vintage clothing, accessories and handcrafted goods at this boutique-style resale shop on South Grand. Parsimonia has a particularly great collection of 1950s and 1960s cocktail dresses, perfect for bringing vintage flare to a special occasion. But, you may also come across your favorite new bomber jacket, flannel button-up or floral top here, too. Plus, Parsimonia puts out new inventory every week, so if you’re a repeat weekly shopper, you’ll consistently find new pieces.

Retro 101/Cherry Bomb Vintage
Fitting in perfectly with the artist vibe of Cherokee Street is Retro 101/Cherry Bomb Vintage, where you will uncover kitschy home decor and one-of-a-kind clothing pieces that’ll cost you a fraction of what you’d find at a department store. A cozy shop with friendly owners and an artsy feel, this vintage shop is sure to spark sartorial inspiration.

Avalon Exchange
Shoes, dresses, sunglasses, jewelry, boots, jackets, Halloween costumes and more abound at this shop, which has become a staple of shopping in The Delmar Loop. You’ll routinely find pieces that’ll be the defining feature of any outfit here: think booties doused in glitter, leather and denim vests, rainbow-colored heels, fringe tops and more. Avalon stocks both vintage and new merchandise, and we can’t get enough!

14 Must-Visit Vintage And Resale Shops In St. Louis

Image courtesy of May’s Place.

May’s Place
Now located in The Grove, May’s Place keeps St. Louisans looking chic with a curated and constantly refreshed collection of clothing and accessories. Follow their Instagram account for a daily dose of fashion inspiration, and pop in to this shop for some retro-hippie sunglasses, a fringed rock ‘n’ roll tee and cutoff jeans for a full-on ’70s glam rock vibe.

Vintage Haberdashery
This gem in Tower Grove South also has an effortless ’70s vibe, with frequently fresh inventory and elegant pieces that date as far back as the 1890s. Be the first to modernize past trends with your own personal twist. Maybe it’s a khaki blazer, leather crop top or powder-blue jacket. We know you can rock it!

The Vault Luxury Resale
For an upscale option, The Vault Luxury resale is the perfect place to find the perfect designer dress, jacket or new pair of heels for a special occasion at a fraction of the original price. A family-owned business, the ladies of The Vault travel tirelessly, shopping closets from trusted Upper East Side clients and beyond. You’ll love their selection of Valentino, Chanel, YSL and more.

Byrd Designer Consignment Boutique
Another excellent upscale option, Byrd Boutique in Clayton is a classy spot for designer resale. A shop to visit if you want to look luxe without breaking the bank, spend an afternoon sorting through the racks to find your new little black dress, classic jacket or blazer, velvet booties or Louis Vuitton bag.

14 Must-Visit Vintage And Resale Shops In St. Louis

Image courtesy of Vintage Vinyl.

Vintage Vinyl
A true St. Louis treasure, the rise of digital music is no match for Vintage Vinyl in The Delmar Loop, which has been part of the neighborhood’s cultural fabric for almost 30 years. Buy, sell and sort through a treasure trove of CDs and records, as well as comic books and priceless music paraphernalia. You could easily spend an entire afternoon here getting lost in it all.

Little Shop Around the Corner
You could spend hours sorting through the inventory at this charming resale home ware and furniture shop in the Southwest Garden neighborhood, surrounded by cute apartments and tree-lined streets. With goods ranging from the Victorian to mid-century era, your home will stand apart from the rest with some new accents from Little Shop Around The Corner.

A go-to thrift shop with locations across the county, Goodwill holds plenty of treasures for those who love a good hunt. Half the fun is browsing the racks and sifting through shelves to find brand names and gently used home goods at significant discounts. For a real adventure, visit the Goodwill Outlet Center Downtown, where digging through the bins can yield great rewards. At this location just between Midtown and The Grove, merchandise is valued by the pound rather than by item, so you can walk away with a new outfit or a shelf of books for just the change in your pocket.

14 Must-Visit Vintage And Resale Shops In St. Louis

Image courtesy of Rocket Century.

Rocket Century
Now located in The Green Shag Market just south of Forest ParkRocket Century offers up a well-curated selection of mid-century curios and furnishings from that bygone era when things were made to last. For investment-worthy wares with impressive craftsmanship, stop by this shop’s showroom to check out their constantly refreshed items.

Found By The Pound
Vintage fashion abounds at Found by the Pound’s curated shops, where much of the work of finding a perfect new piece has been done for you. At its two locations, one on South Grand and one in North County, St. Louisans across the region can benefit from the philosophy of this tried-and-true vintage resale shop. Insider tip: Despite the name, at the South Grand location, all goods are sold by the piece, not by the pound.

Emporium St. Louis
For eclectic furniture, planters, ornate mirrors, desks, tables and chairs galore, you’ll love Emporium. Dress up your home with touches that pay homage to earlier times, which can come in the form of a simple light fixture tweak or a whole new furniture set.

Twice Blessed Resale Shop
St. Louis’ Dutchtown neighborhood in South City, not far from South Grand, is home to a variety of specialty shops popping up, with Twice Blessed Resale Shop among them. All proceeds from this charming shop benefit Our Lady’s Inn, a nonprofit that provides housing and job-training services to pregnant women and mothers in need.

Editor’s note: This article updates the original version, published on March 22, 2018. As a bonus, check out these three shops we’ve fallen in love with since then. We’re grateful to Christina Wood for her contributions to this updated article.

Reset Vintage Apparel
A Maplewood-based shop with a focus on men’s 1980s and 1990s streetwear style, Reset Vintage Apparel is the place to go for vintage Nike sneakers, perfectly worn-in denim jackets and graphic print tees and hoodies. Bring your gently used duds into this buy-sell-trade shop and you could walk away with a whole new look.

Joy’s Collective Market
A large-scale vintage and artisan marketplace with wares from over 50 local designers, makers, and finders, Joy’s Collective Market in St. Charles has a little bit of everything. Dedicate an afternoon to browsing this shop’s handcrafted home decor, antique books, and vintage kitchen goods and furniture.

Featured image courtesy of Becca McHaffie.

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